My Favorite Quotes
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 Keith Scott - “Without her leadership, I'm not really sure what the future holds for Texas Southern. Her leadership was very important and very crucial.”
 Ben Scott - “What we have here is no less than the future of the Internet as we know it.”
 Robert Scott - “Although this case is one of the more serious examples of its type, it is certainly not unique. Honest customers of the banks end up funding these fraudsters' gains.”
 Seth Wescott - “In 2002, the American pipe guys came out and put on an amazing show. That kind of got the buzz going about snowboarding. Snowboarding is really becoming the heart and soul of the Olympic games.”
 Seth Wescott - “One of my hopes is that maybe for a lot of the U.S. TV-watching public there's those who wouldn't tune into an X Games, but would the Olympics. I'm hoping that it will be eye-opening in the same way.”
 Seth Wescott - “I think snowboarding is really becoming the heart and soul of the Olympic Games.”
 Doug Scott - “The young girls have come a long, long way. All the games have been competitive.”
 Ian Scott - “In many of the games the oldest player in the side is 21 or 23 and the lads are playing really well. We are looking for a win over Newton and I think we will certainly give them a run for their money.”
 John Prescott - “the greatest parliamentarian of his generation.”
 Don Tapscott - “These kids are 80 million alone in the U.S. They're like a tidal wave. And we've all been sitting on the beach wondering what kind of day it's going to be and no one noticed the tsunami just off the horizon, one hundred yards high, that's about to sweep us all away. We've got the first generation to grow up digital, and you know it.”
 Mary Scott - “The guy was a certifiable genius. Not quite. He was a genius.”
 Mark Scott - “It's like a gift from God fell out of the heavens. We were looking, where can we expand in the school Then it was one of those situations where pieces fell into place. It was a win-win situation.”
 Carolyn Scott - “That's the only girl I ever knew him to be with. Of course, she's taking it very hard.”
 Dr. Prescott - “We are all hoping he'll be able to give us some indication as to what occurred. We don't know that he'll be able to do that.”
 Carolyn Scott - “He's someone who would give you the shirt off his back. (He) pulled his own weight.”
 Darrin Scott - “You can give a lot of that to their pressure. In the second half, we did a better job getting into our offense.”
 Byron Scott - “You can't give them open looks. And if you do, they are going to burn you.”
 Robert Scott - “It would give them a responsible party to contact about what they are planning on doing.”
 Kelly Scott - “They didn't give us much, not many opportunities. They played really well and we probably fought the conditions just a little bit. It was a little frosty out there tonight and we were kind of unsure of the ice. It's hard to come back when they're playing that well. We were always behind the eight-ball, it seemed.”
 Byron Scott - “That's why those guys are here. Their job is to give us a boost, and be aggressive. We have a couple of guys who we rely on to do that, especially with P.J. (Brown) and Desmond (Mason) out of the lineup.”
 Byron Scott - “I'll always bleed purple and gold, but I'm not going to give up any wins.”
 Byron Scott - “He feels pretty good, but they want to give him a couple of more days.”
 Dale Scott - “There are a lot of Triple-A umpires that are qualified to advance to the major leagues, but there are not many openings. Those people need to be compensated. They're going to be excellent big league umpires, but you've got to give them something to keep them in the game.”
 Thomas Scott - “We call it work-based learning. This allows them to practice the employability training that we give at the center.”
 Brad Scott - “It enables us to give better information to responding agencies in the event of an eruption. The new network is also providing high quality data needed to advance the knowledge of volcanism.”

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