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 Maria Sharapova - “I was moving quite well in the first set and then second set I felt a little sloppy, ... You know, played a sloppy game at 4-2 serving with the wind, made a few easy errors. But other than that, came back strong. She hits pretty flat, so it was a little different compared to the other opponents I played in previous matches.”
 Maria Sharapova - “The injury gave me some good time to work on my strength and physical form, ... I'm still doing physical therapy and strengthening, and it feels good.”
 Maria Sharapova - “This is something I've dreamed of all my life, ... It's just an amazing fact to be No. 1 in world. Topping it off, I am the first Russian. I'm so excited that I could achieve it.”
 Maria Sharapova - “Of course, it's a surprise, but Kim has not played in a while, and it's hard to come back and play your best tennis. I just knew I had to worry about my match.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I played a really good, solid first set. Then I got a blister on my foot and the taping made it worse.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's like he's Mr Perfect and nothing's going wrong for him at this point,”
 Maria Sharapova - “But coming here for the first time in years it made me feel even more so.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I know that in a few years when I do improve little things in my game by one or two percent that I will get better.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's never easy coming back after being a set up and then being up 3-1 and all of a sudden it becomes 3-all. You know, it's going to be a different match from there. But I guess I was playing the right way yesterday. When the rain started coming down, the conditions got a lot heavier. I was rushing it a little bit. I guess it was good just to have a good night's sleep.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I played great tennis this week. It was a tremendous effort for me to be able to play two really tough matches yesterday and still play a high level of tennis today. In the first set it was just one or two balls didn't go my way I guess, and then after that I was physically tired from yesterday.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I played a good match, but I guess I was a little tired from yesterday. But I am happy with the way the season is shaping up and I am looking forward to playing her again.”
 Maria Sharapova - “Not many people can say that they're No. 1 in the world, ... If I can have it for an hour, for a week, just the fact that you're No. 1 is an amazing feeling.”
 Maria Sharapova - “You don't want to pull out because it's a Grand Slam, but it's hard when people expect you to win.”
 Maria Sharapova - “The first few games I was serving 69 miles per hour, ... It's pretty funny. I think it's even funnier from TV because they can't see the wind. These people probably think we look like beginners. That's the sad part.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It feels really great. Honestly I was having a really tough end of the year last year. You know, not a lot of people know about it, but it was very frustrating because tournament after tournament, you know, I'd be working hard and I'd be trying to get back in shape and all of a sudden my injury would bring me down again.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I actually felt pretty good. I'm really happy about it because that's one of the first times I played a match without feeling anything. You know, I don't expect it to be that like for the whole tournament. So I'm very happy I got through that one without any pain.”
 Maria Sharapova - “When I had the opportunity to win, I did. But I think I will play better. If I keep improving I definitely feel confident I can win it again.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I hope this event will serve as an opportunity to foster a boom in tennis in Korea.”
 Maria Sharapova - “That's why I play tennis, because I want to be number one, not because I want to be number 10, ... If you don't want to be number one in the world, then there is no reason for you even to start.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I just know for a fact that I never have to prove anything to anyone. No one expected me to win Wimbledon at 17 and no one expected me to be number one at 18.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I look forward to the challenge of doing well here. I want to protect my number one ranking.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's been a good year so far. I reached number one in the world at 18.”
 Maria Sharapova - “Obviously, I felt a little tired but that's normal after playing four straight weeks. I mean, I'm not gonna feel great. My body's not gonna feel great. That's absolutely normal. But I just have to give it all I had, and I tried. But, you know, at the end of the day, just come up short. That's all right.”
 Maria Sharapova - “As a player, I want to know that line calls are as accurate as technology will allow. In that sense, today's announcement is great news for all players.”
 Maria Sharapova - “In the second set, mentally I wasn't there and I didn't have any motivation. I wasn't fighting, I basically gave up.”

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