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 Maria Sharapova - “By using my name in a mobile gaming context, I hope that tennis fans will be able to share my passion, whatever the weather or conditions of play.”
 Maria Sharapova - “Reaching the No. 1 ranking has been a lifelong goal of mine, and achieving it here in Los Angeles would have been a dream come true. I am eager to get back to feeling 100 percent healthy and playing as soon as possible.”
 Maria Sharapova - “Women's tennis is at such a high level now that any of the top 10 or 20 players could give me a tough match. Martina is on her comeback and no doubt will reach the top again but I don't have a specific rival here.”
 Maria Sharapova - “In these windy conditions, it's hard to go for your shots. I think I just try to get the ball in play, hit it deep, you know, get in the point rather than try and hit a winner.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I hit a good, deep return and Samantha made some errors, she tried to go for too much and she gave me easy ones to put away.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I hit a shot. I turned away. The next thing I know, the crowd went silent, and I turned around and she's on the ground. I feel terrible for her.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's absolutely amazing, I can't believe I pulled this match out today, there were so many ups and downs, and somehow I found a way to fight, but a lot of credit to Nadia, she played an amazing match,”
 Maria Sharapova - “I enjoy it. Like I said in my previous press conferences, I think in the morning I was doing the 'Today' show, all being glamorous. Then I'm back on the court after three hours, and I'm working hard. This is where I feel I really belong.”
 Maria Sharapova - “When you come off the court and you feel like you were losing the whole match, and all of a sudden you pulled it out, you know, it's those moments that you feel you've trained for and you work hard for. Just lucky to get through.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous before the match, ... I knew she was a strong player. I wasn't myself on the court today.”
 Maria Sharapova - “She was picking the ball up early. She used my pace and the quickness of the court to her advantage and came up with some very good shots.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I knew she was a strong player and played well in Beijing but I must admit I just wasn't myself on the court today,”
 Maria Sharapova - “She was picking the ball up very early. She used my pace as well as the quickness of the court to her advantage. She made some great shots even on the defensive side.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's going to be a very big test because I haven't beaten her yet. I've done pretty well in the past few weeks. It's not always easy coming back from a Wimbledon win, and now I'm going to play a top seed on a hard court. I'm very much looking forward to it.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It comes on unexpectedly from day to day and I can't control it, ... I'm not a player who goes on court without intending to finish a match. It's bad enough to have to withdraw before you play, but to retire during a match is even more disappointing.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I thought I played really well, ... I was in control for most of the match.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I was in that period right after I won Wimbledon, ... The next four months, I felt like I had to win every match. It's a matter of telling yourself that it's impossible to win everything no matter what people say. You can't control people's actions. My big thing is to just keep working hard. Because one day, you're going to be on court and you'll win a match and realize that the hard work paid off. That's exactly what I did last year. I lost here and I worked my butt off.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I put extra pressure on her second serve and I was in control on most points,”
 Maria Sharapova - “The wind was definitely a factor with the serves sometimes. I tried not to go for the lines so much, and just tried to be consistent.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I knew I had to be consistent against her. That's her biggest strength, being consistent. She's not going to overpower me on the court. She's just going to try to make me hit another ball. I thought I did that really well. I took my opportunities, took my chances, and that was important.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I always say that my most successful year is last year, no matter how much more success having been made in my career, because I won my first grand slam title at the age of 17-year-old that I could not have imagined and also because it (Wimbledon) is my favorite championship and I just cherish it very much, so to be No. 1 at 18-year-old is just to be consistent.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It was really close in the first set, and then I just went for too much at the wrong times. She's on a big winning streak and that is giving her more and more confidence.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It gives me a lot of confidence that I can pull out a win like that when there are points in the match where you don't feel great.”
 Maria Sharapova - “I wasn't fighting out there in the second set. It was like I was giving it up. But it gives me confidence I can pull out a win like that.”
 Maria Sharapova - “We've had such tough matches and I've been able to pull through three in a row - it's a confidence boost.”

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