My Favorite Quotes
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 Ariel Sharon - “Now there is a real chance that new Palestinian leaders will rise -- those who will be elected -- who will truly abandon the path of terror and instead will advance a strategy of reconciliation and negotiation without violence, terror and hatred,”
 Ariel Sharon - “the state of Israel has embarked on a new path ... of domestic unity.”
 Ariel Sharon - “I feel the pain of the family and I wish that the wounded will heal, ... Israel will not yield and will continue fighting terror until it is destroyed just like we are fighting it now.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Israel is consulting with international figures about the legality of a terror organization in an election,”
 Ariel Sharon - “Right now we have not seen any arrests whatsoever, ... We have not seen those arrests, and that is one of the major problems, because if they would arrest and do interrogation, and if the terrorist organization would have been dismantled and the weapons would have been confiscated and serious steps had been taken to implementation, that would have changed the situation.”
 Ariel Sharon - “We will certainly not allow a situation where the disengagement takes place under fire, ... We will not stop the disengagement, we will stop the terror. I think we can look forward with optimism.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Now they're really disillusioned with him because he is doing the opposite. They feel quite neglected because the state used to nourish them. But at the end of the day, they are a small hard-core.”
 Ariel Sharon - “It is in Israel's interest not to govern the Palestinians, but for the Palestinians to govern themselves, ... the opportunity to renew direct negotiations according to the steps of the road map.”
 Ariel Sharon - “This offers an opportunity to the Palestinians, and it's their turn,”
 Charles Sharon - “I know they have some great receivers. I'll try to do the same thing I've been doing. I was just looking for an opportunity, and I got it.”
 Ariel Sharon - “It's obvious that elections will be brought forward,”
 Ariel Sharon - “By now we're over 60 percent out ... The number of infiltrators has been halved,”
 Ariel Sharon - “By now we're over 60 percent out... The number of infiltrators has been halved,”
 Ariel Sharon - “We have evidence that Iran makes a reactor to possess nuclear weapons.”
 Ariel Sharon - “I would like to congratulate the security forces on the successful operation that they carried out last night,”
 Ariel Sharon - “of one nation, where one rules over another, would be a horrible disaster for both peoples.”
 Ariel Sharon - “I understand the feelings, the pain and the cries of those who object, ... However, we are one nation even when fighting and arguing.”
 Ariel Sharon - “We will work to set the permanent border of the nation while insisting on the dismantling of terrorist groups,”
 Ariel Sharon - “The new movement we are setting up today will serve the people of Israel for many years to come, ... It will be a new home to those Israelis who want to serve the nation faithfully and responsibly.”
 Ariel Sharon - “The citizens of Israel deserve leadership which acts, first and foremost, for the good of the public, and not for the narrow political interest,”
 Ariel Sharon - “The bombing today is a continuation (of) bombing by the Palestinians, another terror act, assassinations and murder and shelling and so on,”
 Ariel Sharon - “We will take all the necessary steps so that it will not be possible to release a person who was involved in murder, who ordered murder, and whose organization carries out murders to this day,”
 Ariel Sharon - “The ideological essence of this man was one -- the murder and killing of Jews wherever they are and the destruction of the state of Israel,”
 Ariel Sharon - “Palestinians who have reached a conclusion that, with terror, they can't achieve anything. And the way Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has led them for years, terror and murder, hasn't brought them anything.”
 Ariel Sharon - “a mistake of the first order from every perspective.”

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