My Favorite Quotes
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 Fiona Shaw - “I had a ball doing Harry Potter.”
 Fiona Shaw - “Even when they have nothing, the Irish emit a kind of happiness, a joy.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “A man's interest in the world is only an overflow from his interest in himself.”
 George Shaw - “The worst sin... is... to be indifferent.”
 P.K. Shaw - “People often get their imagination's mixed up with their memories.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “A lifetime of happiness No man alive could bear it it would be hell on earth.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich, something for nothing.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “But a lifetime of happiness No man alive could bear it it would be hell on earth.”
 Nik Kershaw - “There's stuff that everybody does that they don't know they do.”
 Nik Kershaw - “There's always some promoter having an '80s night, saying, We'll supply the band. All you can drink.”
 Nik Kershaw - “Ireland's a special place. I've been a frequent visitor ever since investing in a bit of property. You can drive for hours and not see a soul.”
 Nik Kershaw - “I'm off to sit on a cliff.”
 Nik Kershaw - “I love Neil Finn. I've loved everything he's done since Split Enz.”
 Nik Kershaw - “Frank's always been around. I think it's recent that I've managed to isolate him, identify him and give him a name. He's my alter ego.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”
 George Shaw - “In your Salvation shelter I saw poverty, misery, cold and hunger. You gave them bread and treacle and dreams of heaven. I give from thirty shillings a week to twelve thousand a year. They find their own dreams but I look after the drainage.”
 Cliff Shaw - “It's the little things that count, hundreds of 'em.”
 Cliff Shaw - “The concepts of Joss are pure, and express attitudes and technical ideals.”
 Irwin Shaw - “You have to expect the raps when you have achieved popularity as a writer.”
 Irwin Shaw - “When I started out in the early 1930s, there were a great many magazines that published short stories. Unfortunately, the short-story market has dwindled to almost nothing.”
 Irwin Shaw - “The last paragraph, in which you tell what the story is about, is almost always best left out.”
 Irwin Shaw - “Posterity makes the judgments. There are going to be a lot of surprises in store for everybody.”
 Irwin Shaw - “People who light up like Roman candles come down in the dark very quickly.”
 Irwin Shaw - “No writer need feel sorry for himself if he writes and enjoys it, even if he doesn't get paid.”
 Irwin Shaw - “My views naturally have mellowed. Most of the critics have been more or less nice to me.”

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