My Favorite Quotes
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 Sheikh Ahmad - “OPEC today produces 30.4 million bpd and there is a surplus in the market estimated at over two million barrels,”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He is my brother. I know him. I lived with him for years. I know how much he fears God.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He loved his family and friends, gatherings. He especially adores his mother. First comes God, then his mother.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He is very stubborn. When he puts his mind into something, he will do it.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “Although we know there is no shortage in (oil) supplies and reasons of high prices are attributed to factors related to refining, geopolitical or climate reasons, the organization will play a role in stabilizing prices and markets,”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “the Israeli people should know they will pay the price and our blood is not cheap.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “according to the agreement, Kuwait will supply Lebanon with 500,000 tons of gas oil per year for three years valued at a total of between 700 million and 800 million US dollars.”