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 Scott Skiles - “I don't how long, but I imagine for a few games, anyway.”
 Scott Skiles - “We have made it a point of emphasis all year. Our guys have to use better judgment about when to shoot (the ball) and when to drive and draw contact. There were some games when we were in the penalty (situation) for four or five minutes and still had not shot a free throw.”
 Scott Skiles - “I'm happy for Tyson. I'm sure a good amount of grief he's gone through has been self-imposed. He's kind of tortured himself for some of the games he hasn't played well in. He's really broke out the last three games and he was obviously excellent again tonight.”
 Scott Skiles - “I'm happy for Tyson. He's kind of tortured himself for some of the games he hasn't played well in.”
 Scott Skiles - “I guess, yeah, you could say. It would unrealistic to expect Ben to score 30 games a game.”
 Scott Skiles - “We have 31 games left and are outside looking in so every game is critical. Late in the game when we have the lead, those are games we have to get.”
 Scott Skiles - “I'm happy for our guys. I always wonder if they are going to get dejected because we've had close losses. We're starting to come around. We've played better in the last month or so and we've won our share of close games. We just need to keep it going.”
 Scott Skiles - “This is probably our season right here, to either get back in it or not. Obviously, we have to win our home games.”
 Scott Skiles - “We feel like they are all must games now. We have to put together a string of wins, but that will be tough to do.”
 Scott Skiles - “With 18 games to go they do not get much bigger. It is not as if we don't win we are out of it, or if we do win it does anything devastating to Milwaukee. It is just a very important game.”
 Scott Skiles - “With 18 games to go, they don't get much bigger than this. It's not like if we don't win, we're out of it or if we do win, it's devastating to Milwaukee. It's just a very important game.”
 Scott Skiles - “We've had a lot of games go against us like that where we haven't been able to seize the moment, and our guys seem to be growing up as a team, and it's nice to see.”
 Scott Skiles - “We had good performances across the board. We like the tempo of our offense, the way it's been going these three games. ... We want to push it up. Tonight, we were more fortunate with it because we were able to get more stops.”
 Scott Skiles - “They obviously still have the advantage. They have two games left in their building.”
 Scott Skiles - “We did what we had to do. We needed both of these games and we got it done. They won at home and we won at home. We know going into the series we have to win one in their building assuming you win at home. This makes it a series right now. We'll go down there and do our best.”
 Scott Skiles - “I'm very happy about it. Our guys have done a great job of finding each other out there. We don't take many bad threes most of them are off the ball movement. We've had games where we haven't made them as well, and we've still been able to win. But it's a nice weapon to have.”
 Scott Skiles - “I'm really embarrassed by what happened out there. We played with very little heart and very little aggressiveness. We came out at halftime totally casual, just kind of winging the ball all over the place, acting like they were going to roll over and give us the game.”
 Scott Skiles - “For whatever reason, we are not fighting back when other teams give us a blow.”
 Scott Skiles - “They made threes, but the free-throw disparity we just couldn't overcome. I think this is my 19th or 20th year in the NBA -- I'm not sure. I don't think I've ever seen a stat sheet where two different players shot and made more free throws than our whole team. We made 10 more field goals than them and got beat by eight points.”
 Scott Skiles - “We had a nice rhythm going. We just started fouling. We had about 10 more field goals at the half, yet it was still a game. Usually you are running away with a game like that. It is obviously a big problem.”
 Scott Skiles - “I didn't see the replay yet, but I'm sure it was a good call.”
 Scott Skiles - “He is obviously a good shooter and moved down the floor well and scored in the post. I like the way he has played.”
 Scott Skiles - “Malik has had some good minutes lately. He's shooting 49 percent. He doesn't have a lot of attempts, but he's been able to knock down the perimeter shot, hold his position and he's had some good minutes.”
 Scott Skiles - “These guys can go home with a good game under their belts. I think that is important, that we gain a little momentum coming out of the break.”
 Scott Skiles - “We were able to pick up a full game on the team right in front of us. I think it is important that the guys go home with a good game under their belt. Maybe we will have a little momentum coming out of the break.”

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