My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Smith - “I just seen him two days ago, and I was telling my girl he's a good guy, a cool cat. It's sad.”
 Megan Smith - “It was a serious sonnet to a girl and the guy was actually interested in her and hadn't told her yet. It was kind of cool to be the vehicle of that expression.”
 Karen Smith - “We're talking about a frightened little seven-year-old girl here.”
 Adrian Smith - “The report card helps give us a focus, and it frames the dialogue for moving forward.”
 Rob Smith - “Obviously, our thoughts are with Andy and we'll give him tremendous support as he recovers from this.”
 Amber Smith - “I was definitely very proud of (my players) to see that they came out and didn't give up, and we were winning those 50-50 balls to the end. I was extremely proud of them.”
 Rod Smith - “I loved playing with (Zimmerman). The guy had a separated shoulder in a game and didn't give up a sack. It's amazing. He's an amazing player, and one that young guys in the league can learn from from a know-how and toughness standpoint.”
 Gene Smith - “We played well overall and we had kids come off the bench and give us a big lift.”
 Scooter Smith - “That was a pretty cool sight. I wished they had something like that after every goal. The fans have been great all year. They give us an extra boost, especially as loud as they were tonight.”
 Craig Smith - “I think we did a fairly good job. Obviously, we just gave him a little bit of space. When you give a great player like that a little bit of space, he can knock the shot down.”
 Dwayne Smith - “We should look for at least 150 runs to add on their score to give us something to start with and we can go hard at them in the second innings.”
 David Smith - “I don't know if I have a shot in heck in doing it, but I'm going to give it a try.”
 Louisa Smith - “We continued to negotiate and let the museum know that when we give a gift, there is no attachment.”
 Valerie Smith - “We want to give the money where it will have the greatest impact so the foreign governments can see how their funds are being used.”
 Bruton Smith - “What we need is to buy a speedway and I hope someday somebody will give me a phone call.”
 Brian Smith - “We just wanted to give him some match fitness.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “We have to get a quality start out of Tabor. Our bullpen has worked hard and we need to get five or six innings out of him and only give up two or three runs.”
 Cameron Smith - “Just give me the ball. I don't feel like nobody can stop me. With the team I've got in front of me, and me with the ball, nobody can stop us. Nobody.”
 Cameron Smith - “Give big props to the offensive line. I know without them and the rest of the team, I couldn't do it. They spring me open. They're a big part of my success.”
 Gary Smith - “I don't expect we'll see the same kind of movement here that they saw in those other streams, but you never know. This should give us some answers.”
 Mark Smith - “I was pleased with the way that we fought back after our bad start. The kids didn't give up and worked their way back into the game.”
 Laura Smith - “We knew we had to come in, work hard and give it all we had. There were no regrets. We did well.”
 Rod Smith - “We go out and do drills with them because a sailboat is an unusual thing for them to tow, ... And anytime they want to sail, they can give us a call and we'll take them out sailing. I know what they do, it's hard work. Anytime they want to go up river and eat oysters, we'll take them.”
 Ron Smith - “The only information I can give out is that he was denied entry under the Immigration Act.”
 Rusty Smith - “You have to give it to them. They're on top of their game, but it's not like we're off by a lot. You're talking about minor, minor things.”

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