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 Javier Solana - “The meetings yesterday proved that we really do have a partnership, which is growing both wider and deeper, ... We do also have some differences. But there is a lot more that unites us than divides us.”
 Javier Solana - “in order to support a diplomatic, political solution that we very much hope will come alive in coming days at the meetings taking place.”
 Javier Solana - “I want to congratulate the Mexican nation for the democratic and political maturity it showed during the election.”
 Javier Solana - “This is the last chance, and I would like to make a call for negotiations in good will to solve this tragedy,”
 Javier Solana - “That doesn't make much sense, to have another meeting, if there's nothing new on what they are going to put on the table.”
 Javier Solana - “We want to make sure every member of the board of governors is aware of the importance of the decisions that are going to be taken at the extraordinary meeting.”
 Javier Solana - “This is going to be a long process. It is going to be a process with tensions and complications that will make everybody sometimes have to make painful sacrifices and painful engagements and commitments.”
 Javier Solana - “It does not make much sense to have another meeting if there is nothing new to put on the table.”
 Javier Solana - “The region is going through a very difficult process and I think it would be better to make constructive statements to see if we can cool down the situation.”
 Javier Solana - “There is no question that regional responsibility lies on the shoulders of President Milosevic, ... He bears the majority of responsibility.”
 Javier Solana - “I am deeply concerned by the current security situation in Kosovo. Violent incidents over the last few days have again led to loss of life and pose a grave risk to the cease-fire,”
 Javier Solana - “We want to listen to the inspectors, we want to continue working in the framework of the United Nations,”
 Javier Solana - “Images of burned hopes and destroyed villages recall scenes we had hoped we would never see again, ... Milosevic must know there is no place for his policy in Europe on the eve of the 21st century.”
 Javier Solana - “will not tolerate a return to all-out fighting and a policy of repression in Kosovo.”
 Javier Solana - “All political leaders support... the plan given by the president.”
 Javier Solana - “NATO is ready for its new mission -- a mission to bring people back to their homes and to build a lasting and just peace in Kosovo,”
 Javier Solana - “Peace is more than the end of violence. Peace is more than just a cease-fire,”
 Javier Solana - “Rather than talk about a state of war, we should discuss a state of peace.”
 Javier Solana - “He was a man of peace, a great friend. He was a man who, after 20 years of war in Lebanon, managed to rebuild it.”
 Javier Solana - “Once again, the European Union recalls that it is absolutely against terror and that these actions kill the hopes of peace.”
 Javier Solana - “We have to provide a roadmap for the Abuja peace process.”
 Javier Solana - “Allow me to remind you that neither our patience nor our resources are infinite,”
 Javier Solana - “We are trying to see how we can help to scale down the violence, and the situation of tension, and therefore to return to what is a dream of everybody, to try to negotiate a permanent peace.”
 Javier Solana - “It will be put together without any doubt. I think the a good number of countries will participate.”
 Javier Solana - “I want to tell them that they have a place, without any doubt, among the family of the European nations.”

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