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 Javier Solana - “I had a meeting of the North Atlantic Council this morning, and all the 19 ayes were absolutely like one country, ... Every country that belongs to NATO is behind the decision we have taken.”
 Javier Solana - “The alliance expects to extend further invitations in the coming years, ... No European democratic country whose admission would fulfill the objectives of the (NATO) treaty will be excluded from consideration.”
 Javier Solana - “We are concerned about the process. ... We don't think the process has been properly done. This is a very important country for Europe, ... but the quality of democracy has to be better.”
 Javier Solana - “The wealth of agreements we will be signing together on September 5 bears witness to the increasing levels of practical cooperation.”
 Javier Solana - “We all know what we mean by fighting terrorism. In reality, there is total cooperation between the countries north and south of the Mediterranean against terrorism”
 Javier Solana - “We all know what we mean by fighting terrorism. In reality, there is total cooperation between the countries north and south of the Mediterranean against terrorism.”
 Javier Solana - “I have repeated my appeal to both sides to exercise maximum restraint and renew their security cooperation on a systematic basis.”
 Javier Solana - “My Chinese friends often use the term 'win-win' -- this helps sum up the prevailing spirit of dialogue and cooperation that I admire with all my heart,”
 Javier Solana - “We would like to see humanitarian aid arriving without difficulty from the European Union ... the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe should be able to enter and play their role.”
 Javier Solana - “There's no question that Mr. Arafat has to make an effort to control violence and that Mr. Sharon has to comply with the requirements to withdraw from zones A.”
 Javier Solana - “Lebanon has not, and will never become a passage for conspiracy against Syria.”
 Javier Solana - “The reforms of a Palestinian state is fundamental, ... There will not be global peace in the region unless the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is solved.”
 Javier Solana - “What frightens me and worries me is that these weeks are taken advantage of for the purpose of conflict rather than for consolidation”
 Javier Solana - “The United Nations should continue to be the center of gravity in the post-conflict period.”
 Javier Solana - “Diplomatic initiatives continue, but I think we must continue with the NATO strategy to seek a just end to this conflict,”
 Javier Solana - “All the political parties have the right to be part of the elections, but there is a certain code of conduct that has to be accepted by everybody. It's very difficult that parties who do not condemn violence ... can be partners for the future.”
 Javier Solana - “The EU views with serious concern ... Iran's intention to resume suspended nuclear activities. It urges Iran not to take this step ... at a moment when international confidence in the peaceful nature of (Tehran's nuclear) program is far from restored.”
 Javier Solana - “I do not have the information - I do not have the competence - to ask the countries how they have handled these questions.”
 Javier Solana - “NATO stands ready to act, ... We rule out no option to ensure full respect by both sides in Kosovo for the requirements of the international community.”
 Javier Solana - “The unilateral cease-fire proposed by Yugoslavia and the government of Serbia is clearly insufficient, ... Before a cease-fire can be considered, President Milosevic must meet the demands of the international community.”
 Javier Solana - “Where we have differences right now is over the problem of tactically how to resolve the situation... I believe we will come to the same common strategy again in relation to the Balkans,”
 Javier Solana - “Madrid will be remembered as the time when North America and Europe came together to shape the course of a new century, ... United by common purpose and shared values, the new alliance stands ready to shape a brighter, more secure future.”
 Javier Solana - “I think the most important concern we should have at this moment is the return of the refugees. That should be the most important commitment that the international community should have at this point ... In order to achieve that ... there is no question the forces will have to be withdrawn,”
 Javier Solana - “I want to express my personal commitment to continue to strive for a positive contribution of the European Union to lasting peace in the region.”
 Javier Solana - “I welcome the commitment by North Korea to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs and to return at an early date to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to IAEA safeguards,”

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