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 Arlen Specter - “A tired looking Specter told his backers a short time later, Now is the time, having settled our family disagreement within the Republican Party, to unify. ... We have our hands full. But it's all within the pay grade.”
 Arlen Specter - “We really ought to put on intense pressure to see that we aren't back on the brink of war every time Saddam Hussein feels like it and push hard to try him as a war criminal, which he really is,”
 Arlen Specter - “But I don't believe in a quota system, and it may be that at this particular time, President Bush would like to have someone other than a woman, and I don't think his hands ought to be tied.”
 Arlen Specter - “I really can't explain it, ... I think, in fairness to her, she's facing a lot of questions at the same time. She's making the rounds, seeing a lot of senators.”
 Arlen Specter - “This hearing comes at a time of turbulent partisanship in the United States Senate - turbulent partisanship.”
 Arlen Specter - “I think he was impressive, ... nodded at all the right times.”
 Arlen Specter - “They can ask him what his views are on those subjects, and whether they represent his views today, ... They've got a lot of paper to confront him with.”
 Arlen Specter - “There isn't anything we could have done that we haven't done, ... It's been a real 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year effort. So you don't see me perspiring today, and you don't see me tense.”
 Arlen Specter - “It would be quite a sacrifice for her, but she's prepared to do it if she is asked, ... By next June we'll know a lot more about Judge Roberts ... than we do today.”
 Arlen Specter - “I think that some of the voting today was calculated to impact on the next nomination.”
 Arlen Specter - “It's a restraint of trade for them to do that, and the thought crosses my mind, it might be a violation of antitrust laws,”
 Arlen Specter - “Confidential files -- records about our customers or our employees, as well as our trade secrets and other proprietary information -- can too easily be obtained and disseminated under investigative powers expanded by the Patriot Act, ... These new powers lack sufficient checks and balances.”
 Arlen Specter - “Given the option in this trial, I suspect many senators would choose 'not proved' instead of 'not guilty,'”
 Arlen Specter - “It would take us less time to handle this trial than to handle the talk shows,”
 Arlen Specter - “It's pretty hard to have a trial without witnesses and if you have just (a) hearsay report, you do not have the circumstances, you do not have the flavor, you do not have really the aura of the trial.”
 Arlen Specter - “I want to know what the truth is,”
 Arlen Specter - “Basically, Americans do not understand the gravity of the oversights on what appears to be the case with both the FBI and the CIA,”
 Arlen Specter - “You did something you didn't understand and you got caught up in a web, ... You tried to hide it ...”
 Arlen Specter - “I'm really sorry that on doctrinal grounds they don't understand that she cannot tip her hand on Roe. I really think ... they're failing to understand a very basic constitutional principle of judicial independence,”
 Arlen Specter - “I understand that you were sent over in a very limited capacity, with perhaps the calculation that you didn't have this information,”
 Arlen Specter - “I can understand that Trent is anxious. So am I. But when you take a look at the particulars, all the delays that Ken Starr has faced, I think he has to be given more time to finish his investigation,”
 Arlen Specter - “If this will require a rollcall vote, I cannot predict how many rollcall votes we will have this evening, but I would not make dinner plans.”
 Arlen Specter - “We're going to have a vote on this one day soon.”
 Arlen Specter - “There's a very decisive bipartisan flavor to this vote,”
 Arlen Specter - “If there was a telephone call where someone gave assurances about how she's going to vote in a case, you bet that's something we'd look into, ... Absolutely. It is not tolerable to have any commitments about how a nominee would vote on a case. Not tolerable.”

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