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 Arlen Specter - “Voting in favor would put senators in a better position to oppose later or a vote in opposition would put the president on notice that he better put somebody up who was acceptable to a broad spectrum of senators.”
 Arlen Specter - “I don't like it much. I have to have a large clothespin over my nose but I'm voting for it.”
 Arlen Specter - “Mr. Curling, Mr. Sanford, we may well face a necessity for some really tough legislation that will have you do your duty,”
 Arlen Specter - “I believe the vote will come during the week of September 26. That's when the floor leader will bring up ... the matter. I would suspect that we'd vote by Thursday the 29th, ... Face the Nation.”
 Arlen Specter - “Judge Roberts has projected a very unique persona as he has talked about modesty and humility,”
 Arlen Specter - “His approach of modesty, of stability, and away from judicial activism, I think, is a model. Whether it is carried out, remains to be seen.”
 Arlen Specter - “I read in the morning papers that we are under a lot of pressure. You may have missed the papers, but you won't miss the pressure.”
 Arlen Specter - “We are not utilizing the Iraqi oil for U.S. purposes. We are not asking that the Iraqi oil be used to pay our military expenses. We are asking only that the Iraqi oil be used to rebuild Iraq - that is, to rebuild Iraq for the Iraqi people.”
 Arlen Specter - “Bin Laden is at war with the United States, and it is time that we reciprocated, ... We have the capacity, we have the capability, the military strength to do what is necessary.”
 Arlen Specter - “The word is, he was looking for a way to interrupt somebody in the middle of the word 'if,”
 Arlen Specter - “If there are backroom assurances and if there are backroom deals and if there is something which bears upon a precondition as to how a nominee is going to vote, I think that's a matter that ought to be known.”
 Arlen Specter - “I believe it is important and timely for you to make a full public response on the propriety of your ruling on cases involving Vanguard and Smith Barney, Inc., at times when you had money invested in Vanguard Mutual Funds and Smith Barney, Inc., was your brokerage firm.”
 Arlen Specter - “I think that ... Senator Helms may really make a martyr out of Bill Weld here, ... Evans and Novak.”
 Arlen Specter - “The majority leader has committed to bringing it up as one of the first items next year,”
 Arlen Specter - “I know that the president will listen to what Senator Frist has to say. I'm not saying he's going to agree with it. But what Senator Frist has had to say is weighty, and I think may bring us all together on this issue.”
 Arlen Specter - “I'm going to listen to what he says and I'm going to respond to it the best I can,”
 Arlen Specter - “all reports, memoranda or policy statements prepared, produced with your participation, or produced under your guidance during the time in which you served in any public office, including ... any of your positions in the White House.”
 Arlen Specter - “Four Democratic votes for Roberts would be a pleasant surprise, ... they can be tougher on the next nominee.”
 Arlen Specter - “There was no explanation as to why the memo did not go to other places. Nobody knows at this stage, and that is something that has to be pursued.”
 Arlen Specter - “This is not an issue for Democrats or Republicans. These hearings, in substantive fact as well as perception, ought to be for all Americans,”
 Arlen Specter - “I think it would have been smarter had the attorney general, looking at the many years of Starr's involvement and the public perception, which is adverse to Starr ... let someone else come in, ... Fox News Sunday.”
 Arlen Specter - “I had not seen such passion or fervor from the president since two days after 911, ... His force, I thought, was impressive and I am re-thinking the issue.”
 Arlen Specter - “If we find that there was any quid pro quo, money for pardons, then of course that's a criminal activity and we'll pursue that,”
 Arlen Specter - “I believe there is substantial doubt as to how he would apply fundamental principles of constitutional law.”
 Arlen Specter - “There's no doubt that there are many people on both sides who want to fight. That's their principal objective Gear up the troops, go out and raise money and justify your existence as a special-interest group.”

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