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 Arlen Specter - “There is no doubt about the value of investigative reporting to the public interests in exposing corruption, malfeasance, misconduct, waste ... there are weighty considerations on law enforcement, on their point of view, and national security interests. All of those factors have to be taken into account.”
 Arlen Specter - “There is no doubt that this is inappropriate.”
 Arlen Specter - “no doubt about that.”
 Arlen Specter - “There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities.”
 Arlen Specter - “is clearly trying to distance himself from an unpopular president and an unpopular agenda.”
 Arlen Specter - “I should stay away from a discussion of specific cases,”
 Arlen Specter - “We start off with the basic fact that the Democrats have filibustered and you can expect them to filibuster if the nominees are not within the broad range of acceptability, ... And I think there is a very broad range of presidential discretion. But there is a range.”
 Arlen Specter - “Bill Weld has gotten tremendous national exposure, and there are a number of people within the Republican Party who may disagree philosophically with Senator Helms, and (Weld) may be rallying a lot of people to his cause.”
 Arlen Specter - “meets the U.N. inspection demands, okay. A diplomatic settlement is always preferable to a military air strike, even though Saddam Hussein has carried us to the brink of war, inflicted a lot of psychological damage and a lot of money costs. If the fine print measures up, we'll take a close look at it.”
 Arlen Specter - “When you have a decision which has been in effect for decades and people have come to rely upon it,”
 Arlen Specter - “the underlying decision in Roe. v Wade, but I'm sure it will be a subject of discussion at the hearings.”
 Arlen Specter - “There's nothing in his dissent which suggests disagreement with the underlying decision of Roe V. Wade,”
 Arlen Specter - “He said that his personal feelings would not be a factor in his judicial decision.”
 Arlen Specter - “The Supreme Court's 5 to 4 decision rejected Congress's findings and its method of reasoning, ... Is there any real justification for the court's denigrating Congress's 'method of reasoning'”
 Arlen Specter - “Unfortunately, the debate over that advertisement has become a distraction from the serious discussion we hoped to have with the American public,”
 Arlen Specter - “There likely will be a national debate about whether the president really has the kind of power he's been using.”
 Arlen Specter - “There's going to be a great national debate on this subject.”
 Arlen Specter - “Chief Justice Rehnquist's death marks the passing of a great American,”
 Arlen Specter - “Chief Justice Rehnquist's death marks the passing of a great American. For more than three decades he left a deep imprint on American law. It has been a profound experience to know him personally.”
 Arlen Specter - “Today the Internal Revenue Code constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. A flat tax would be an enormous step forward.”
 Arlen Specter - “White-collar crime convictions are deterrents, I've seen a lot of that. Imprisoning heads of state is a deterrent, too. It doesn't happen very often.”
 Arlen Specter - “the hallmark agenda of the judicial activism of the Rehnquist Court.”
 Arlen Specter - “You really wonder with all the tremendously important issues that the court faces ... that the woman's right to choose dominates the scene, but it does, ... That's the principal battle line which is present.”
 Arlen Specter - “I hope we do not come back to the terrible schism we had, ... That just about tore the Senate apart, and it has the potential to do it again, except that the stakes would be bigger. You are talking about the Supreme Court.”
 Arlen Specter - “And there is a lot more to the issue of a woman's right to choose than how you may feel about it personally. We have a long tradition in the court.”

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