My Favorite Quotes
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 Cindy Stein - “Young is so tough, I don't know if you can ever stop her, but we did a good job of stopping everyone else.”
 Alice Lichtenstein - “That is serious calories. We can only hope that the consumer is smart enough to realize that you can't just add something on top of what you are normally eating, even if it is good for you, because you are going to gain weight.”
 Albert Einstein - “I do not believe that the Good Lord plays dice.”
 David Eckstein - “They're a good bunch of guys. It's hard to dislike them.”
 Ken Goldstein - “That's about as good as it gets for the next six months, ... We're about to downshift at least one gear, especially with respect to the job market.”
 Ken Goldstein - “That's about as good as it gets for the next six months. We're about to downshift at least one gear, especially with respect to the job market.”
 Barry Weinstein - “It doesn't address enough to the other side of the equation, which is reducing expenses. We here in Erie County cannot tax our way back to prosperity. We need to reduce our expenses. They need to reorganize County government,”
 Elliot Regenstein - “This is some of the most effective spending the government does.”
 Stan Rosenstein - “The federal government has done a lot, but this is so large and complicated and affects so many people that we are very concerned. All of the systems will have to work perfectly and in very high volume for everything to work out.”
 Harvey Saferstein - “Microsoft needs a settlement more than the government.”
 Susan Goldstein - “I've never really been a taker, always a giver, but in this case, I really had the sense that this is what the government is supposed to be there to do.”
 Jonathan Epstein - “While families wouldn't have to pay any more, the state is making up the difference. That would be a great role of state government this year.”
 Ken Bernstein - “If I waited for government to help I'd still be living in a hotel in Oklahoma.”
 Jared Bernstein - “The government should be actively enforcing the high road.”
 Diane Feinstein - “I think these efforts really have been totally overwhelmed by the pervasive endemic corruption throughout the Mexican government, the Mexican police and now the Mexican military,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “You wouldn't want the government telling you what to do”
 Bob Bernstein - “The state system measures growth, while the federal government says if you're not at this status bar then you fail regardless of where you started or how much progress you've made.”
 Steve Goldstein - “My favorite has always been Hollywood Forever. All the history there, the beautiful statuary and the beautiful grounds. I have many favorite graves there, the best being Douglas Fairbanks. There is nothing else like it in grandeur.”
 Albert Einstein - “The gravity is the first thing which you don't think”
 Ken Goldstein - “The Leading Economic Index suggests that this period of slower growth will probably continue for the next few months.”
 Alan Loewenstein - “The Internet is the one area where you're going to have the most explosive growth.”
 Larry Goldstein - “That's a region where you're seeing a real growth in population.”
 Jared Bernstein - “I wouldn't be surprised if unemployment held constant or dropped a tenth of a percentage point. But will that signal we're heading back to a healthy labor market No, because the economic fundamentals, in terms of growth, just aren't there.”
 Ken Goldstein - “The latest readings on print want-ad volume suggest that job growth won't reach the 200,000-a-month pace for at least the next few months.”
 Ken Goldstein - “Essentially the story is we have got moderate growth through the first quarter. We may tick up in the second quarter and we may tick down in the third quarter. Growth is going to be a little slower second half of the year.”

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