My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Epstein - “Competitor magazine is by far the standard for the industry and what every other fitness magazine wants to be,”
 Michael Weinstein - “The day of reckoning for that industry has arrived. People are disgusted by the prices they have to pay, and they're disgusted by the practices of the industry.”
 Jared Bernstein - “The inflation bar is very high right now, ... doesn't get you over.”
 Jared Bernstein - “This is what a healthy job market looks like we just haven't seen it for a long while, so it makes inflation hawks nervous.”
 Daniel Greenstein - “They don't just want stuff, ... This gives us a degree of influence (in the indexing process). We will build this together.”
 Bill Fleckenstein - “What a scam. It's influence peddling at its finest.”
 Andrew Weinstein - “We gave them a generic list of aggregated and anonymous search terms, but no results or personally identifiable information.”
 Andrew Weinstein - “We did not comply with the request made in the subpoena. Instead, we gave the Department of Justice a list of aggregate anonymous search terms that did not include results or any personally identifiable information.”
 Andrew Weinstein - “AOL gives consumers a tremendous amount of options on what information they want collected.”
 Tom Goldstein - “As a result of our investigation, we've determined the information did not reach its destination, and is missing and presumed lost.”
 Cass Sunstein - “We might have new issues involving information technology for example, or new questions arising out of the war on terror, or new issues arising from natural disasters that can't be anticipated.”
 Jonathan Ornstein - “This has nothing to do with our use of confidential information. It's all about trying to get us from competing.”
 Cary Goldstein - “What we're seeing is the trashing of her nationwide. She was a good woman and ... my information is that Mr. Blake shouldn't be the first one to cast stones.”
 Robert Epstein - “Surveys show that the real savvy job-seekers keep their resums online -- but without their names and other (identifying) information about them.”
 Richard Stein - “Reference USA, for example, is a terrific site that can go from very general to highly specific and powerful information in minutes,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “It's got to either be made legal or shut down. What bothers me is the information we're being given that the activity is increasing.”
 Paul Goldstein - “He was moving fantastic. Coming off the ankle injury, I didn't know if he'd be moving that well.”
 Paul Rothstein - “There is an innocent explanation and a nefarious explanation.”
 Albert Einstein - “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
 Albert Einstein - “Work is 1 inspiration plus 99 transpiration”
 Richard Bernstein - “Two of Michigan's greatest institutions can be connected by rail.”
 Ken Goldstein - “Both investment and hiring intentions reflect a level of caution over both pricing and profit strategies.”
 Mark Bartelstein - “There's a bunch of interest in him. We're trying to bring it to a conclusion. We haven't ruled out the Bulls.”
 Mark Bartelstein - “It seems like everybody in the league has interest.”
 Mark Bartelstein - “I think (Brad) just wants to get into where he is going to be. We are certainly going to keep the Titans abreast to what is going on, and we'll see what happens. It is hard to find great left tackles, so (the interest) doesn't really surprise me.”

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