My Favorite Quotes
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 Dianne Feinstein - “What kind of justice would you be”
 Dianne Feinstein - “Many of us are struggling with . . . what kind of a justice would you be, John Roberts,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I don't really know what I'm going to do, ... What kind of a justice would you be, John Roberts”
 Albert Einstein - “I dont know the weapons that will used in the Third Great War, but in the Forth Great War men will kill each other with stones and wood clubs.”
 Cass Sunstein - “If you can kill them, why can't you spy on them”
 Dianne Feinstein - “The party that put the amendments on the bill now wants to kill it.”
 Allen Weinstein - “to the best of our knowledge.”
 Jared Bernstein - “This decline in the jobless rate is certainly the largest drop we've seen in recent months, so it does suggest a stronger labor market than we expected.”
 Dan Stein - “What it will really do is separate the true reformers from those who want cheap labor.”
 Jared Bernstein - “These numbers reveal a labor market that's not bouncing back quickly enough to absorb new entrants along with the people laid off during the downturn.”
 Jared Bernstein - “These top line numbers suggest we are into what's beginning to look like a jobless recovery. We simply can't drive unemployment down if we're only adding 30 or 40,000 jobs. So, basically, we're looking at a situation where the recovery is calling, but the labor market isn't really picking up the phone.”
 Jared Bernstein - “I'm not sure this report convinces us that a recovery is underway in the labor market in any big way.”
 Jared Bernstein - “This could mean that the labor market is another area coming on line in the nation's recovery.”
 Ken Goldstein - “The labor market indicators turned a little more positive this summer.”
 Ken Goldstein - “The labor market remains on a high plateau that has prevailed in the last year and a half.”
 Ken Goldstein - “The storms and flooding, and now the rebuilding and dislocations in the Gulf Coast area, are taking place in a weakening national labor market.”
 Michael Finkelstein - “It's important to be mindful of mosquitoes, particularly in late August and September, when West Nile is at its most risky.”
 David Eckstein - “You just try to see the ball up ... His ball has so much sink and so much run, I just try to get as close to him as possible and try to take away that late break.”
 Richard Bernstein - “Private investors are usually late to the party.”
 James Stein - “It's possible that they started too late.”
 Ken Goldstein - “Today's conditions are similar to those prevailing in the late 1980s, when there were also widespread reports of jobs available and no one to fill them.”
 Matt Bernstein - “It's definitely out there. There are incompetent and even dishonest immigration lawyers working all over.”
 Ron Brownstein - “One of the clearest tests of leadership for a president is to, on occasion, go against his party. No one wants to do it,”
 Martin Bartenstein - “Certainly, we will have to learn the lesson of what has happened in the last few days.”
 Robert Goldstein - “I am hopeful we shall learn from one another and about one another, as a gay man and a gay pastor.”

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