My Favorite Quotes
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 Sterling W. Sill - “Life begins when we begin and each day we ought to be born again.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “It is a serious mistake to judge God within the narrow limits of our own understanding and abilities. God has created the worlds without number and is able to hold them all in perfect control. But even the greatest worlds are not the most prized of God's creations. The welfare of his children is far more important, and he has said that the greatest of all his gifts is the eternal life that he bestows upon us. We know that death is good. Certainly we would not dare to say that any procedure or design of God was superfluous or whimsical. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence, scriptural and otherwise that death is an inescapable necessity in God's plan for human redemption.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “In Jack Dempseys early days he had a fight contract, which paid him two dollars per fight for the fights he won. He received nothing for the fights he lost. Jack Dempsey said that in his early days he was knocked down a lot of times and he usually was tempted to stay down because he knew that no one would hit him again until he started to get up. But Jack was a hungry fighter and he knew that if he was going to eat, he must get up in order to get the two dollars. He tells of one occasion when he was knocked down 11 times in one fight, and 11 times he got up in order to win the 2.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Wealth is not only what you have, but it is also what you are.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Man is a thinking being what and how we think largely determines what we are and what we will become.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “The way of success is not run with seven league boots but step by step, little by little, bit by bit...with no exceptions allowed.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Successful people follow successful patterns.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “God did not intend that we should be cowards, or delinquents, or fools, or sinners or weaklings. He created us in his own image and commanded us to be men.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Real wealth is not so much what we have as what we are.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “One of the significant facts about the moment of birth is that it is an unconscious moment. No one ever knows when he is being born that the event is actually taking place, and sometimes we dont find out about it until quite a long time afterward. Sometimes, we never do really find out that we have been born. So frequently, we don't know why we were born we don't know where we came from we don't know what the purpose of life is nor do we understand the possibilities of our godly destiny.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “A story is told that Whistler once painted a tiny picture of a spray of roses. The artistry involved in the picture was magnificent. Never before, it seemed, had the art of man been able to execute quite so deftly a reproduction of the art of nature. The picture was the envy of the artists who saw it, the despair of the collectors who yearned to buy it. But Whistler refused steadfastly to sell it. 'For,' he said, 'whenever I feel that my hand has lost its cunning, whenever I doubt my ability, I look at the little picture of the spray of roses, and say to myself, Whistler, you painted that. Your hand drew it. Your imagination conceived the colors. Your skill put the roses on the canvas. Then, said he, 'I know that what I have done, I can do again'”
 Sterling W. Sill - “That man loves God who puts his own life in harmony with him, and who serves his fellow men as though his life depends upon it, as indeed it does.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “In the greatest sermon that was ever preached, the greatest man who ever lived gave the wisest counsel that has ever been given, in which He said, 'lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, ...' (Matthew 620.) Laying up earthly treasures is such an exciting process that we spend most of our time working at it. But Jesus pointed out some advantages to treasures in heaven. The moth and the rust cannot get at treasures in heaven quite so easily. Treasures in heaven are more permanent. They are more satisfying. There are only two reasons why we are not as successful as we would like to be in laying up earthly treasures. One is that we sometimes get into the wrong business and the second reason is that even though we may be in the right business, we do not always work at it effectively. Interestingly enough, these are the same reasons why we fail in laying up treasures in heaven.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “The greatest of all our human concepts is the immortality of the personality and the eternal glory of the human soul. Throughout eternity you will be yourself and I will be myself, with quickened senses amplified powers of perception, and vastly increased capacity for reason, understanding, love, and happiness, all of which are qualities we may develop now. Our machines wear out, our barns fall down, and our substance goes back to the dust, but our finest collection of personal qualities will have eternal life.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Those who wallow around in the sickness of their immorality and degeneracy get very little joy out of life here and certainly not much promise is held out for them hereafter.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “A young man came to Socrates one time and said, 'Mr. Socrates, I have come 1,600 miles to talk to you about wisdom and learning.' He said, 'You are a man of wisdom and learning, and I would like to be a man of wisdom and learning.' Socrates said, 'Come fo”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Certainly the greatest values in the world are human values, and the most worthwhile ambitions in people have to do with building human beings. The most important responsibility that God has ever laid upon the shoulders of any human being is that of makin”
 Sterling W. Sill - “In baseball we keep an accurate record of the hits, runs, and errors of each individual player. Life is also a great game, and in life the statistics are much more important than they are in a ball game. One of our human weaknesses in life is that when we are losing the game, we dont always like to keep track of the score. Certainly we are not very enthusiastic about putting the errors down on the paper, and most people dont even know what their individual batting average is. This makes our success much more difficult both to figure out and to attain ... we cannot separate our success from our statistics. If each day we could see what God writes in his book about our works for that day, it would certainly motivate us to make better scores.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Fighting is not the best way to win an argument. If carried to its ultimate conclusions, the old idea of 'an eye for an eye' eventually ends in making everybody blind.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “You cant judge a man by watching him live.... I personally watched Babe Ruth at bat three times, and he struck out every time. But at the very time that I was watching him strike out, the record said that he was the greatest home-run king who ever lived.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “We can cross the rivers of doubt and discouragement on the bridge of faith even before we get to them.”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Everything depends on attitude. We are ambitious or lazy, enthusiastic or dull, loyal or undependable, according to our attitude. We get good grades or poor grades according to our attitudes. Discouragement is an attitude. Lack of industry is an attitude. Failure to follow instructions is an attitude. attitude”
 Sterling W. Sill - “Make sure that your ambitions are really lofty not just seem to be. Sometimes instead of engaging in those so called 'mountaintop employments of great value,' we spend our time in digging a pit and then falling therein, so that our temporary joy may become a permanent and bitter loss.”