My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Roberts - “We've had some odd things happen for sure. But however we got here, I'm ecstatic for our seniors and juniors who invested in our program when things were really down and have been such a huge part of the building process. One of the great lessons in life is how you accomplish your goals.”
 Steve Roberts - “I was very pleased with the way we bounced back defensively after last week. I thought we played much better and obviously we still made some mistakes. We played very well in the first half and didn't give them much.”
 Steve Roberts - “I thought Antonio did not have his best first quarter. He played much better in the second quarter. Shermar came in the second half and had a big run for us.”
 Steve Roberts - “I was taken off-guard by our start. I thought our team was prepared mentally and emotionally. As much as they spread the field, there's a lot of running room. Even if you play perfectly.”
 Steve Roberts - “At this time, I have to do what's fair to every individual involved, and especially Chris Littleton. So at this time, he is still on tap to play.”
 Steve Roberts - “They mix in a lot of stunts. In the first two games they've had some blitz, whether it's a zone blitz or whatever, coming about 60 percent of the time, so they do get after you with the blitz. They are very, very physical and very sound in what they do.”
 Steve Roberts - “We work hard, we have a lot of fun as a team, and it pays off on days like today.”
 Steve Roberts - “We came together as a team today.”
 Steve Roberts - “This is the first time we've won this tournament, and that dates back at least 12 years for us playing in it. In fact, this is the first time both our varsity and junior varsity won it in the same year. This is a great start to our season.”
 Steve Roberts - “We're representing a lot of groups. We're representing all the underdogs. We're representing the state of Arkansas. We're representing the Sun Belt Conference. We're representing a lot of frustrated fans for the last 30 years or so that haven't been to a bowl game.”
 Steve Roberts - “He is very, very physical, very big. He can fly and he has a great arm. He's going to be difficult to stop. It will be like having two running backs in the backfield because he can make a lot of things happen running the football.”
 Steve Roberts - “They do not make a lot of mistakes and they do not miss a lot of tackles. They play very, very sound and you can see that. With all the juniors and seniors starting defensively, you don't expect them to make mistakes and they don't.”
 Steve Roberts - “They don't work for us. They are trained and equipped by the police department and we like to have them in our buildings, so we take them as they come.”
 Steve Roberts - “Antonio's an outstanding contributor to our football team. A leader, without a doubt.”
 Steve Roberts - “I have a very strong record of stern and strict discipline. But, I am also fair and we're fair to our program and we want to be fair with Chris. In our assessment of the situation, Chris did not act inappropriately.”
 Steve Roberts - “The negative is, it calls for creative planning. Coaches are creatures of habit, and it causes you to have to do some different things in your practice and planning.”
 Steve Roberts - “We switched some things up at halftime, we moved our press up into a full court and we started to create a lot of shots and scored a lot of points because of that. I had a chance to use 12 players in this game and that was a key. Our depth just wore them down.”
 Steve Roberts - “Despite opening the season 1-2, Coach Roberts likes his team's outlook the rest of the way, I think we're on track to be successful this year, but we haven't proven that play in and play out like we need to, ... We've shown signs of being very productive in every phase of the game, but we haven't been consistent enough at it.”
 Steve Roberts - “I can promise you (from) being in the locker room that our kids don't care if it was 39-36 or 3-0. They are very excited about this win.”
 Steve Roberts - “As with all disciplinary situations, they will be fair, they will be stern, they will be strict and demonstrate what's in the best interest of our football team, our university, and of the individual involved. We care deeply for our players.”
 Steve Roberts - “We have a daunting task ahead of us.”
 Steve Roberts - “It's not just his ability. It's not just his talent - the statistics that show up. But it's his heart. It's who he is. It's what he brings to our football team with his willingness to be successful in all phases of his life.”