My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Straw - “Whether he takes notice or not, I'm not sure, but what I am certain about is that if he does not call off his thugs, allow free and fair elections, allow the international media in, then these sanctions will kick in,”
 Jack Straw - “We'll make decisions about exactly how much time in the light of the report at the United Nations.”
 Jack Straw - “We cannot get into a situation, and I believe the family understand this, where we start bargaining with terrorists and kidnappers, because if we were to, we would not make Iraq or anywhere else safer,”
 Jack Straw - “There was no consensus for that proposal. It frankly would make negotiations impossible and render your negotiators powerless.”
 Jack Straw - “There was no consensus for that proposal, ... It frankly would make negotiations impossible and render your negotiators powerless.”
 Jack Straw - “When Western Europe needed defense, along with the United States, it looked to Turkey for that defense on its eastern flank against the then-Soviet Union, ... No issues were then raised that it had an Islamic majority.”
 Jack Straw - “What we are doing, with the United Nations ' full support, is helping that full majority of Iraqis build what we have here -- a democratic, stable, prosperous and peaceful society.”
 Jack Straw - “(It's) very shocking, with what seems to be a large loss of life. Our hearts and our prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones.”
 Jack Straw - “LONDON, England (CNN) -- Saying he is very, very sorry ... handled sympathetically and quickly.”
 Jack Straw - “The Italians have shown consistently that they live by the rule of law. They have given these undertakings and we expect them to abide by them.”
 Jack Straw - “We're going to listen carefully ... and make an assessment from there,”
 Jack Straw - “We're going to listen carefully to what the president has to say and we'll take it from there,”
 Jack Straw - “This is a negotiation. Our aim was to listen.”
 Jack Straw - “What we are going to do is to listen carefully to what the president says Saturday afternoon and take it from there.”
 Jack Straw - “Robin and I had been good friends for nearly 30 years and that friendship survived our policy disagreements over Iraq, ... He was the greatest parliamentarian of his generation and a very fine foreign secretary. I deeply mourn his loss.”
 Jack Straw - “Those residents who are there should consider leaving unless their presence there is essential, ... British citizens who remain should exercise extreme caution, especially in public places.”
 Jack Straw - “seize this opportunity for peace.”
 Jack Straw - “As Prime Minister, (Rabin) made difficult and courageous decisions in his search for peace and was undaunted by the many obstacles he faced,”
 Jack Straw - “There has to come a moment when our patience must run out, and we are now near that point with Iraq,”
 Jack Straw - “putting the government of Syria on notice that our patience has limits.”
 Jack Straw - “We made some progress in respect of draft texts but obviously not sufficient progress,”
 Jack Straw - “to discuss wording and take on board constructive suggestions as to how the process set out in the draft resolution could be improved, and that is exactly what we are doing.”
 Jack Straw - “I am in no doubt at all that our policy of engagements with the government of Iran ... is the best approach,”
 Jack Straw - “I'm in absolutely no doubt that the benefits will follow from this enlargement and bring a strong secular state which happens to have a Muslim majority into the European Union,”
 Jack Straw - “Let no one be in any doubt that this is a profoundly evil trade whose perpetrators have no regard for human life, ... We have been determined to crack down on this trade.”

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