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 Jack Straw - “Every enlargement that has taken place within the European Union has made both the existing and the new member states stronger and more prosperous, ... I'm in absolutely no doubt that the benefits will follow from this enlargement and bring a strong secular state which happens to have a Muslim majority into the European Union.”
 Jack Straw - “The process of Turkish accession has turned into a lightning rod for other discontent,”
 Jack Straw - “have shown again their determination to defy the terrorists and take part in the democratic process.”
 Jack Straw - “Iraq has no history of democracy.”
 Jack Straw - “Offering to be transparent now is simply saying you are going to be compliant and really accepting you have not been compliant (with IAEA demands) in the past,”
 Jack Straw - “Each is overwhelmingly Muslim and each, in their separate ways, is crucial to whether the world can be bound together, or fractured along deep political and theological divides,”
 Jack Straw - “We don't have to make a decision today about this. I think the appropriate place for that to be announced is to the British parliament and there'll be a statement from me in exactly a week's time when parliament reassembles.”
 Jack Straw - “We've made a historic decision tonight on behalf of Croatia,”
 Jack Straw - “Because we want international consensus...we will be allowing a good period of up to two weeks, maybe a little more, before we ask for a decision.”
 Jack Straw - “It is our decision as to whether or not we move a second resolution,”
 Jack Straw - “It is inconceivable that military commanders would permit their troops to cross an international border without explicit political authorization to do so. That clearly would be a decision solely for your Government,”
 Jack Straw - “The possibility of war between India and Pakistan is very real and very disturbing, a crisis the world cannot ignore,”
 Jack Straw - “The three foreign ministers and Javier Solana just had an hour and 20 minute meeting with the new foreign minister of Iran, ... Everybody knows the efforts that the EU-3 has put in (to defuse the crisis) ... We look forward to the meeting later on.”
 Jack Straw - “To kidnap and kill anyone is inexcusable. But it is repugnant to commit such a crime against a woman who has spent most of her life working for the good of the people of Iraq,”
 Jack Straw - “Because it was quite dark in that corner I was being pushed towards shaking hands with somebody just as a matter of courtesy and then it transpired it was President Mugabe.”
 Jack Straw - “We have just made history, ... an EU based on values, not just history. Turkey has always been a European country.”
 Jack Straw - “The fact that the Government is supporting pilgrims on the Hajj highlights the extent to which we in Britain live in a truly multi-cultural multi-religious society. No other Western country provides this kind of delegation.”
 Jack Straw - “it does not obviate the responsibility for dealing with terrorism in their country.”
 Jack Straw - “Every country is under an imperative to deal with terrorism, including terrorism masquerading as freedom fighting,”
 Jack Straw - “Anchor Turkey in the West and we gain a beacon of democracy and modernity - a country with a Muslim majority - which will be a shining example across the whole of its neighboring region,”
 Jack Straw - “Iran is the most powerful and the most influential country in region, ... In the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the setting up of a broad-based government, Iran must play a decisive role.”
 Jack Straw - “I look forward to the full cooperation of Syria in form as well as substance, ... but I have to say after what I've heard I'm not holding my breath.”
 Jack Straw - “I know too that the only reason we have got any cooperation at all out of Iraq is because of the credible threat of force.”
 Jack Straw - “For all the huge advances in the control of our lives through science and technology, an earthquake on this scale is truly humbling as well as profoundly tragic for everyone involved,”
 Jack Straw - “Globalization is a fact of life. The French, my comrade friend, may not like it, but we either have to deal with it or it will engulf us all. The old economic and social model of Europe won't work to deliver prosperity, social justice and jobs in the way it used to. And it's a big challenge, especially, if I may say so, for the country you represent and others on the Continent.”

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