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 Jack Straw - “targeting was very careful and that action was proportionate.”
 Jack Straw - “We don't rule out the possibility of military action and neither in our view should anybody else.”
 Jack Straw - “We look to the Iranian government to sit down with us, hear what we have to say and take action where appropriate.”
 Jack Straw - “Given these differences it is very unlikely that America will be able to pass a resolution that justifies use of military force against Iran. Not only are the Chinese and Russians opposed to military action but so are the Europeans. In August 2005, Chancellor Schroeder responding to Bush said, My answer to that is 'Dear friends in Europe and America, let's develop a strong negotiating position towards Iran, but take the military option off the table. ... Nobody is proposing military action in regard of Iran. This is an issue that needs to be resolved, and can only be resolved, by diplomatic means.”
 Jack Straw - “The truth is, as (U.S. Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice has made clear, military action in respect of the Iranian dossier is not on anybody's agenda. I believe it is inconceivable,”
 Jack Straw - “If Saddam Hussein doesn't accept the peaceful path to the disarmament of his weapons of mass destruction set out by the U.N. resolution, then there will have to be military action taken in order to enforce the will of the U.N.,”
 Jack Straw - “We need all to remember that the coalition ... decided to take military action to remove the Saddam regime because of our very clear assessment that Saddam Hussein and his regime were in clear material breach of U.N. Security Council resolution 1441 and many preceding that, and that therefore we did have to face the serious consequences which that resolution made clear would follow,”
 Jack Straw - “What we need is action. The problem for the European Union is that we can only go at the pace of the slowest. Therefore, there is a special responsibility on the countries which have failed so far implementing measures to get moving,”
 Jack Straw - “The action taken last night, which resulted in the deaths of children among others in a missile attack in Gaza, is unacceptable and counterproductive.”
 Jack Straw - “We left the door open for further diplomatic action with Iran. And I hope they take this opportunity,”
 Jack Straw - “No one is talking about invading Iran or taking military action against Iran.”
 Jack Straw - “There is great concern in the European Union about the need for Syria to take much more action to control terrorism in its territory and from its territory,”
 Jack Straw - “The U.K. government will take action against those who use the U.K. as a base from which to foment violent disorder or terrorism in other countries.”
 Jack Straw - “And I think we need therefore to judge the contents of what is in any event an interim report, against the reasons why we took military action back in March.”
 Jack Straw - “But members of the public are bound to be concerned and their concerns can be allayed if they are shown that every effort is being made by the European Union and by member states effectively to coordinate action.”
 Jack Straw - “Whoever carried out this abuse must be caught and brought to justice, regardless of rank or background,”
 Jack Straw - “The situation is very serious, there has been a clear abuse of human rights, a lack of democracy and a lack of openness,”
 Jack Straw - “absurd, at best.”
 Jack Straw - “at best, absurd.”
 Jack Straw - “I really don't think it would be wise to speculate in an abstract way about the circumstances in which it might be on the agenda.”
 Jack Straw - “Coming just days before the presidential elections, it looks like yet another attempt by the Mugabe regime to obstruct the conduct of the election and the ability of the people of Zimbabwe to choose, freely and fairly, who should lead them.”

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