My Favorite Quotes
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 Ali Tabassi - “One of our visions for this next-generation technology is to have embedded devices in the consumer electronics space.”
 Ali Tabassi - “The applications, services, and the ecosystem required also have to be considered as well as the intellectual-property rights and the royalty fees that manufacturers have to pay.”
 Ali Tabassi - “We have deployed in over 350 Starbucks locations. The majority of them are installed in Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas, New York and Houston.”
 Ali Tabassi - “A wireless operator without enough spectrum is like a body without enough blood. If you don't have enough blood you're going to face major medical challenges. Likewise, the cellular operators will need more spectrum to be able to offer new services and applications.”
 Ali Tabassi - “I believe that we can complete our analysis so that we can make a technology selection and vendor selection sometime late this year.”