My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Tabb - “The SEC has been pretty strict about monitoring conversations between investment counselors and their clients.”
 Larry Tabb - “There's a tremendous price war going on. ETrade's strategy is not to make money on the 10 they charge to buy and sell a stock, but to make money on the margin balances.”
 Larry Tabb - “It looks like they're trying to reduce their capital- markets business to try and save their futures and options and commodity business, which is what they're known for.”
 Larry Tabb - “ETrade's strategy is to make money on the margin balances, and the larger the balance, the more desirable the account is.”
 John Banister Tabb - “In every seed to breathe a flower, In every drop of dew To reverence a cloister star Within the distant blue To wait the promise of the how, Despite the cloud between, Is Faiththe fervid evidence Of loneliness unseen.”