My Favorite Quotes
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 Carrie Tackett - “She's a good girl usually. She's just a typical teenager.”
 Tim Tackett - “We head into the eye of the storm when everyone else is heading out.”
 Tim Tackett - “It was determined it was within the boundaries, ... We didn't think we needed to go through the process again. We felt like it had been laid to rest at that time.”
 Carrie Tackett - “She just got in some trouble for skipping school.”
 Tim Tackett - “Conversely, I had a couple of phone calls indicating from people stating that they couldn't see where the big uproar was, ... I certainly didn't want to put it up to a referendum. It's unfortunate that we have some folks who are unhappy.”
 Tim Tackett - “We did go through what we thought was a proper investigation, ... I talked to several people involved.”
 Tim Tackett - “We're pleased to be in that category, ... We're clean. I hope people see us on par with or above every other school in the county.”
 Carrie Tackett - “I miss her very, very much.”