My Favorite Quotes
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 Shane Stacy - “We were patient on offense, this was a good unselfish team win for us.”
 Rick Tacy - “The next three years are very much going to be about the future of Venice. We have the Commercial Mixed Use District coming up (Tuesday), and the development of the marina and properties at (Venice Municipal) Airport. ... Now that we've worked through some of the problems of the past, we can look forward to where Venice will be 20 years from now.”
 Andrew Stacy - “We played really well. As a team it was probably our best finish we've had in the Batavia Invitational in seven years. Each meet we are getting better. I'm pleased with how we are playing.”
 Shane Stacy - “It shouldn't have come down to the last play. We didn't deserve to win. We just didn't shoot well enough.”
 Andrew Stacy - “We have to play well. Batavia is very good. They are loaded year in and year out.”
 Andrew Stacy - “Our scores improved from a couple weeks ago when we played at Rochelle. It's nice to see the guys coming around and the scores getting to where they need to be going into conference play.”
 Chauncey Stacy - “The biggest thing I'm going to remember is walking out on the floor in this final game and looking up and seeing the green and gold. That means so much to me, and there's no way any of us can ever thank our crowd for believing in us.”
 Rick Tacy - “We have an ordinance now in place, and if someone brings forward a project that meets the wording of the ordinance and meets community expectations, I will have to move forward.”
 Andrew Stacy - “I was really pleased with how we played. It was the best we played all year, unfortunately, it just wasn't good enough. Batavia is a very good team year in and year out. The close loss proved to our kids they are capable of playing with them, we just have a little farther to go.”
 Rick Tacy - “As far as I'm concerned, this campaign will be about the future, the next 20 years for the city, and not about the past, drumming up the things that have gone wrong and have been corrected or are being corrected.”
 Chauncey Stacy - “I grew up around Bison basketball, and I remember how exciting it was back in the day when we were really good. I always told my mom that I wanted to be a part of that. I am so excited right now, I am so glad we finally accomplished our goal.”
 Chauncey Stacy - “Obviously Indiana is a big basketball state and one of the most important sports in our county. It will be hard to put last week behind us because we are so excited and it has been a long time since we won a sectional. We have five days to prepare. I think we will definitely get the job done.”
 Rick Tacy - “They seem to have gotten into a horse race to see how fast they can get this grant done. I have a real concern with that. They've been so focused on moving ahead, they're unwilling to listen to others. ... (The proposal) has got a real hotel feel to it.”
 Rick Tacy - “I am not comfortable signing an agreement with the county that could set us up for incurred costs.”