My Favorite Quotes
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 Marty Tadman - “I love having the ball in my hands. I don't think I ever really will have it here at Boise State. That is where I thought my strength was in high school. It was kind of fun for that brief 40 yards to have the ball in my hands.”
 Marty Tadman - “There are only a couple times I've had to remind him to move up a little bit or something. Me and him are on the same page a lot.”
 Marty Tadman - “You watch the first half, and only three or four plays turned the whole momentum of the game. The second half, those plays went our way. It's sort of the sign of our season.”
 Marty Tadman - “Colt's an awesome tackler. ... Every game you're in situations one-on-one with a guy where it's either a great play or a horrible play. So far, that guy has made a lot more great plays.”