My Favorite Quotes
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 Shawn Taggart - “He's going real good right now. I hope he stays another year.”
 Shawn Taggart - “I don't want to get so big that I can't move. I want to get faster and stronger and work on my game all summer. I'm going to go all out and get as good as I can get.”
 Nate Taggart - “Noel has the talents and the abilities that position needs. He's well-respected -- a man of honor and integrity. He'll be missed.”
 Paul Taggart - “She lit it when Jill got taken and it's been there the whole time.”
 Shawn Taggart - “That's one of the things that was talked about in the meeting. Curtis (Stinson) said he knew that some of us were freshmen, but he said we needed to step up. It's like there's no freshmen now. It's the half-season. We're like sophomores. He said it's time we had to take another step up.”
 Tom Taggart - “(Index funds are) no different than an IBM. They trade just like a stock and are available to anyone.”
 Shawn Taggart - “It's OK. I'm not worried about it. I can wait till my time comes. Probably next year or junior year, senior year, whatever.”
 Robert Taggart - “Mr. Rizzo contended that he had given some 61,000 worth of jewelry and other gifts to his former girlfriend and that he wanted to compensated.”
 Shawn Taggart - “He works on everybody individually and finds their weak points and helps them work at it even though they don't want to. There's a lot of people on this team with weak points.”
 Paul Taggart - “It was extraordinary this winter. It was by no means ordinary weather.”
 Tom Taggart - “We believe our emphasis on people and talent management differentiates Barclays from competitors in the asset management industry, as well as other Bay Area employers in financial services.”
 Shawn Taggart - “I just can't figure it out. When we're away, we feel like everyone's against us, but when we're at home, we're laid back. We've got to play at home with the same intensity that we bring on the road.”
 Shawn Taggart - “That's why this is so important. We want to play in the NCAA Tournament. We have to win every single game.”
 Shawn Taggart - “They are starting to play well. It's going to be a tough game. Next year they are going to be really, really good.”
 Shawn Taggart - “Everybody is against us, so we have to play harder. We have to start doing that at home.”
 Tom Taggart - “The Nasdaq fund tracks 76 companies that are directly related to curing human disease.”
 Shawn Taggart - “I'm finally picking (defense) up. Now I need to catch my offense up with my defense. It seems like I was so into defense that my offense has went away.”
 Shawn Taggart - “He's like my brother. He can score points in bundles. He can rebound, block shots and he's just like me he can't play defense.”
 Nate Taggart - “We're still trying to get to the bottom of it. In these situations, it's rarely black and white, and what's first reported usually isn't what it is.”
 Robert Taggart - “He comes armed with a gun and starts shooting at the crowd, ... Why he opened fire is quite a mystery to us.”
 Robert Taggart - “We are telling cops to consider him armed and dangerous,”
 Tom Taggart - “We have a partnership agreement with SP for exchange-traded funds.”
 Paul Taggart - “Always, the first thought was safety, but now even more so. I was just in west Africa, which can be pretty intense. And now, you want to be more sure is it worth it.”