My Favorite Quotes
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 Yoji Takeda - “The important thing is that global growth continues. Demand for technology goods remains strong.”
 Makoto Takeda - “Even considering higher demand, there's been a rapid growth in gasoline stockpiles.”
 Makoto Takeda - “Supplies in the U.S. have been rising, leaving the market unsupportive of higher oil prices. Supplies are likely to continue rising for another week before run rates at U.S refineries come down and imports slow.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “The Japanese yen will remain the weakest currency on the interest rate differentials. Pressure against the yen will be spreading.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “The price range for the past two weeks was a bit overdone. We need a little bit of time to adjust at this level.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “The market would like to see whether the Fed will raise interest rates more than two more times.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “What we saw in Tokyo today shows that a small consolidation in the dollar is likely because of this technical resistance.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “I don't think weather issues like hurricanes can breach the trading range.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “Markets are rapidly abandoning the forecast for the Fed to increase rates to 4 percent by year-end, and are instead pricing in 3.75 percent. People are worrying lofty oil prices and Hurricane Katrina might hurt the U.S. economy when weaker data continue to come out.”
 Makoto Takeda - “Given the intensity and the path of Katrina, damage to oil infrastructures in the Gulf of Mexico is forecast to be more serious than Ivan. With current production losses, the gasoline market will continue to be tight in the short run as summer driving season comes to an end.”
 Yoji Takeda - “It's positive news the government didn't come directly into the market to sell its stake.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “The widening trade deficit is negative for the dollar. We see no way for the U.S. trade gap to narrow.”
 Yoji Takeda - “Fed policy may be shifting slightly to a longer period of rising rates, and that will hurt sentiment for shares.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “The domestic market view is that Japan's monetary policy will be unchanged at this meeting and there won't be many signals in governor Fukui's speech for foreign investors trying to find some clues.”
 Yoji Takeda - “The TSE lacks awareness and alertness when the market is open. If something happens, there needs to be someone to make a decision. They should have halted that J-Com trade.”
 Yoji Takeda - “Sumitomo Mitsui owes more than the other banks, yet its profitability is very good. It's not surprising it wants to show it's eager to pay the debt as soon as possible. Owing the government gives a bad impression.”
 Yoji Takeda - “There is long-term confidence for continuing growth in Japan's economy. Loans and fee income for banks should grow.”
 Yoji Takeda - “It's difficult for Japanese utilities to increase dividends as price competition lowers rates.”
 Yoji Takeda - “There may be some parts of this company that may be worth buying, but the accounting isn't clear. You have to do the due diligence.”
 Kikuko Takeda - “Besides a continuous unwinding of short-yen positions, which capped the dollar's rise, last week's weak (U.S.) economic figures that led to a fall in U.S. long-term interest rates also weighed down on the currency. But basically, the market is thin due to Christmas holiday in major countries.”
 Yoji Takeda - “It gives the impression Koizumi wanted someone who has political clout and who can support his structural reforms. Merging or privatizing government-affiliated banks will be positive for commercial lenders and brokerages because it will mean more business for them.”
 Kiyoko Takeda - “Recognizing what we have done in the past is a recognition of ourselves. By conducting a dialogue with our past, we are searching how to go forward.”
 Bokuyo Takeda - “Correct handling of flowers refines the personality.”