My Favorite Quotes
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 Heizo Takenaka - “We see good signs in both corporate expenditure and spending, which are the key ... Especially in exports, whose recovery had been seen as difficult, the annualized growth rate stood at 11.6 percent.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “The government's scenario calls for about 2 percent growth in the year,”
 Heizo Takenaka - “Companies' cash is not just going to repaying debts, but is going to investment,”
 Heizo Takenaka - “And it is going into wages, which should boost spending.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “Good trends are seen in private consumption and corporate investment, ... But the pace of recovery isn't overwhelmingly strong, so we must carefully watch the situation.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “We only have two years until the start of the privatization process so we have to deal firmly with each issue.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “Instead of fighting frantically over this pie, there is an opportunity to grow it to 40,000 billion yen or 100,000 billion yen.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “Whether we reach 1.7 percent this year does not really have much meaning.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “Basically, this is something the management of a private-sector financial institution has made and is carrying out, and the government is in no position to say whether this is good or bad,”
 Heizo Takenaka - “We will make our utmost efforts, respecting your strong will,”
 Heizo Takenaka - “a big loss for the future of Japan.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “It was extremely regrettable. The legislation was an important milestone. The rejection is a major loss to the Japanese economy.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “It's a decision made by the markets and I don't think that decision is that far off economic fundamentals,”
 Heizo Takenaka - “We will deal with the matter in accordance with the radio law after hearing the details about Softbank's business plan.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “We just go by the book and conduct thorough inspections, and it is our duty to maintain that regulatory framework. It is up to private-sector companies what decisions they make.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “The bank needs to more specifically define its criteria for ending its quantitative easing policy.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “That doesn't mean the Bank of Japan can freely set economic targets for the government.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “In addition we have to make progress on the restructuring of lending by state-run institutions, personnel costs and the government's balance sheet. We need to have a basic plan on these three issues within about a month.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “The BOJ used its authority to make the decision even though deflation remains a problem. I hope the bank is prepared to take responsibility for its actions.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “The BOJ used its authority to make the decision even though deflation remains a problem.”
 Heizo Takenaka - “There seems to be a misunderstanding in some media reports, but the Financial Services Agency (FSA) conducts similar inspections to all banks and it is inconceivable that it takes a particularly harsh attitude to a specific bank,”