My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Tallet - “I like to keep my look different. Keep people guessing.”
 Heather Tallet - “It's been 15 years. The pain feels like it was yesterday.”
 Heather Tallet - “You learn to go through the day, but the pain is the same.”
 Heather Tallet - “I miss her. I think of my kids and what they're missing not having her as an aunt. It's hard.”
 Brian Tallet - “I wasn't the six-foot guy that fits pants perfect and all that. So my pants always came up right in the middle of the calf and I just said screw it, because I don't like pitching with them all the way up (to the knee). I had a good year and kind of stayed with it.”
 Brian Tallet - “More than anything, coming to a new organization like this, it wasn't about making the team or anything like that. I just wanted to make a good impression, be healthy and throw as well as I could. There's new eyes on you and, hopefully, I was able to open a couple of them.”