My Favorite Quotes
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 Henrik Tallinder - “They scored two goals that were more flukes than they were great plays.”
 Henrik Tallinder - “We talked before the game that we should have a better start than we have had. Today I think we did that. Tampa played three games in four nights, that was part of it. The most important thing was we were ready to play off the face off.”
 Henrik Tallinder - “We were more determined this game than the Montreal game, plus we haven't been able to win against these guys, and we should be able to do that. It feels great to play like that.”
 Henrik Tallinder - “Sometimes, you just find that chemistry with some guys. I think that's what's going on with me and Toni. He's an easygoing guy. He never blinks. He never stresses up. It makes it easy for me. The chemistry is just there.”
 Henrik Tallinder - “It's the way he plays. It doesn't matter in corners. If he gets ran or it's a scramble or whatever, he's so calm. That's his personality, and it's part of the team's personality now. He brought that to our team, and now we're all like that.”