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 Dale Tallon - “We addressed a need we had for speed and skill in getting Patrick Sharp. Sharp is a good skater and a solid two-way player who fits into our plans for the future.”
 Dale Tallon - “I just was convinced from talking to Dan that this could be something we could do to give our players an edge. It's a new game with the rules changes. I think having Dan work with the guys, especially all the young players, is an approach that can help us. We'll take whatever edge we can get at this point.”
 Rosaleen Tallon - “I would like to see the names of the dead in the light of day. We need something here that glistens in the sun and makes us proud.”
 Dale Tallon - “He didn't have as much time off as he's going to get this time.”
 Dale Tallon - “Adrian Aucoin was one of the top players we had targeted. He's a smart hockey player, logs lots of ice time, and is a solid two-way player who has an excellent shot from the point. He possesses excellent leadership skills and is a character player.”
 Dale Tallon - “We are changing, you have to, with the times. It's a different era than it was. This is the direction we want to go in now and how we handle things.”
 Dale Tallon - “I know our fans have gone through some difficult times, but we said that we would remain flexible and give ourselves a chance to improve our team under the new rules governing the NHL.”
 Dale Tallon - “He's down now, but he might be back tomorrow.”
 Dale Tallon - “We're done with that (stuff). We're going to learn from the past and move on. I'm concerned about today and tomorrow and what's best for the Hawks, not me.”
 Dale Tallon - “We are excited about the new deal. I think the new rules definitely will help along with the different camera angles, better vision of the puck.”
 Dale Tallon - “We'll wait for the coaches' report on each player, then decide who'll stay and who will go.”
 Rosaleen Tallon - “This is not going to be a water park down here. It's just creepy.”
 Dale Tallon - “We are excited to have Dan on board. Not only is he a world-class athlete, he's a world-class person. He will bring a fresh, innovative approach to helping our players improve their skating skills.”
 Rosaleen Tallon - “It is all wrong in its symbolism. I look up to the sky to remember him. I will never go down.”
 Mike Tallon - “Otherwise you put more pressure on the kids. It's added pressure that they don't need. You just look at it as an opportunity to go one step further, and then who knows. You've just got to take it game by game.”
 Rosaleen Tallon - “There is always opportunity until concrete is poured.”
 Mike Tallon - “Sloppy. But we're coming off of an emotional week. We were practicing later than normal coming into that game, but I just think that we got too complacent in the second half. If we do that in the semifinals we'll get killed.”
 Rosaleen Tallon - “I will be here every night ... until the underground-memorial issue is resolved.”
 Dale Tallon - “I didn't sleep much last night. The feedback we're getting from fans is very positive. Time will tell.”
 Dale Tallon - “If there are moves that make sense and are beneficial to our future, we'll make them. We're not in a state of panic. We're going to do the right thing to get better.”
 Dale Tallon - “Things have been quiet. We're in the preliminary stages of a lot of conversations, but there's nothing concrete yet. I've been on the phone for two days, and people are just feeling everybody out. They're waiting for someone to make a deal.”
 Dale Tallon - “This isn't a good thing, with February being hockey time. It's one of the pitfalls of this year's schedule and the Olympics, but we've got to live with it.”
 Dale Tallon - “I'll listen to anything on anybody. That's just the way it is. I'm not going to put up with it. Enough is enough. I'm going to explore all options (on his entire roster). I'm not going to sit still. Everything that is available to us, we're going to go after.”
 Dale Tallon - “We'll explore all options. We'll pursue every angle. I'll listen to anything on anybody. We're not going to sit still and put up with it. I don't want the players to feel threatened, but enough's enough.”
 Dale Tallon - “I understand. Listen, we have to pay the fiddler. I'll take responsibility.”

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