My Favorite Quotes
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 James E. Talmage - “We have been told ... that this life is a necessary part in the course of progression designed by our Father. We have been taught ... to look upon these bodies of ours as gifts from God.... It has been declared in the solemn word of revelation, that the spirit and the body constitute the soul of man and, therefore, we should look upon this body as something that shall endure in the resurrected state, beyond the grave, something to be kept pure and holy.”
 James E. Talmage - “Mortal birth is a boon to which only those spirits who kept their first estate are eligible. (see Jude 6)”
 James E. Talmage - “We hear much nowadays as to the speculative ideas of men concerning the condition beyond the grave but the admission that there is an individual existence beyond the grave, is a declaration that there must have been an individual, intelligent creation before we came here in the flesh. Life beyond the grave postulates a pre-existent state.”
 James E. Talmage - “Gratitude is twin sister to humility Pride is foe to both.”
 James E. Talmage - “Belief is in a sense passive, an agreement or acceptance only faith is active and positive, embracing such reliance and confidence as will lead to works. Faith in Christ comprises belief in Him, combined with trust in Him. One cannot have faith without belief yet he may believe and still lack faith. Faith is vivified, vitalized, living belief.”
 James E. Talmage - “No pang that is suffered by man or woman upon the earth will be without its compensating effect ... if it be met with patience.”
 Thomas Talmage - “Sin may open bright as the morning, But it will end dark as night.”