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 Annika Sorenstam - “I think for the future it's going to give us good measurements on the performance of everybody around the world. It's really tough to compare the money list, especially with the purses being different.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “That's the new generation, ... I think we should welcome them all and say, 'Hey, that's good for golf.'”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I've been there before. You've just got to keep on grinding. I proved it again to myself that you just can never give up.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “It just shows how you should never give up,”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I know where I'm at on the money list. I'm here to reach my own goals, play my own game.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Last year, I told everyone what my goals were and then I didn't get to come in here and hold the trophy or be soaking wet, so my goal went down the tubes, ... But now, I'm here and I'm soaking wet. And now I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I play this game for myself, and I motivate myself and I have my own goals, and I think I know my limits. I know what I want to achieve. There are a lot of young players coming up, and they are very good. But I also love being in the spot that I'm in, so that keeps me motivated.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “This is a big week for all of us, and a lot is at stake. I have my goals set way back, and now I'm here and I'm ready to play.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I don't want somebody to ask, 'How many tournaments did Annika Sorenstam win I would rather they say she was a great athlete, she loved sportsmanship and she loved what she did. If they know my name, then they will know I played good golf.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I'm a little disappointed about the outcome, ... It was so, so close. But the U.S. team played some great golf.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I'm very proud of the way I played and I played four solid rounds of golf,”
 Annika Sorenstam - “This is a tough golf course. You really have to strike it well.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Obviously I'm in a position that I want to be. I like this golf course. I had a good (round) last year on Sunday. I'm going to keep that in my mind.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I don't have sympathy for her. She's here, she's playing good golf and she's enjoying it.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Tomorrow's another day and another match, ... I'm in good shape. I have the will and I have the endurance. I just have to play some good golf.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I like this golf course, ... I shoot under par here because I'm making my putts. I feel confident when I come here and I think that's important.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Golf has definitely been my savior during this period and I'm very proud of the way I have performed again this season.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Obviously I'm very happy with my position. It was good steady golf, hitting a lot of fairways and greens and I'm putting very well.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I love the golf course.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I think Michelle is a great asset to the LPGA Tour and great for golf,”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I think I've become friendly with the golf course. I think with the rain, it totally softened the greens. And it seems like I play well when I can be more aggressive. ... It's kind of a ball-striking type of golf course, which I say is one of my strengths as well.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “I'm excited to be here. It's great to be back as a defending champion. I think the golf course is in as good shape as I've ever seen it. I think that makes it even more special. I think I'm as ready as I can be.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “Three-under after two weeks of really no golf, I can't complain,”
 Annika Sorenstam - “A little disappointed about the outcome - it was so close. The US team played some great golf.”
 Annika Sorenstam - “The momentum is not there. I hit a lot of good shots, but my good shots don't get close.”

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