My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Tambellini - “Let's go one step at a time. We'll see how the procedure goes Wednesday. Hopefully he'll be back.”
 Roger Tambellini - “I wasn't backing off. I was hitting good shots all day long. He didn't intimidate me, per se. I thought I had the game to beat him today.”
 Steve Tambellini - “I was excited for him that he gets a chance to step in and have an opportunity right now.”
 Steve Tambellini - “We all recognized he had to get past the incident. He made a mistake and paid a price - a very high price - and he's trying to move on. Our organization and the majority of our game have moved on.”
 Roger Tambellini - “Last week I felt like I played well enough to win, but you always doubt that you'll win again. This takes a lot of pressure off. I don't want to say I've achieved my goal but I'm a lot closer to it.”
 Steve Tambellini - “It's hard news for Ed and his family and for us. On the other hand I'm sure he's relieved he can take some action now and have some timetable to get back and play for us.”