My Favorite Quotes
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 Jacob Tamme - “The second quarter has really killed us in a lot of games.”
 Seth Tamme - “We've got six seniors who've been together for a long time, and this is something we've talked about since we were little. We knew there was no way we were going to lose tonight.”
 Jacob Tamme - “He was excited all week about coming. He likes the opportunity to talk to these kids because he's been in their situation. He might not think of himself as a hero, but to these kids he is.”
 Jacob Tamme - “You may not be able to listen like I do, but you can learn just like I do.”
 Seth Tamme - “That'll be awesome, being able to play one more game with him.”
 Seth Tamme - “It's pretty cool. I finally get a chance to play with him and a bunch of Western guys before we go down there.”
 Jacob Tamme - “To be able to come back to my hometown and be a part of showing these kids they can be a part of what Terry is doing is very, very special. Whether it is sports or business or something else in life, they can press those limits and excel. Terry is proof of that and I'm just glad I got to share in this day with all these students.”