My Favorite Quotes
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 Roger Tamraz - “Thank God we're a capitalist society and there's nothing wrong with running after money.”
 Roger Tamraz - “The price is low and it's going to remain low, ... At least that's the perception of the oil industry.”
 Roger Tamraz - “If they kicked me out the door, ... I would go through the window.”
 Roger Tamraz - “Normally the prices should come down, but I don't see that because I think the cost of exploration is much higher than we expected,”
 Cathy Tamraz - “We are very proud to have received this patent. It is a solid endorsement of our on-going commitment to be the innovative leader in the news industry and set the gold standard for our industry.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “This promotion is a reflection of the outstanding job Neal has done managing the Atlanta region and also the outstanding role he has played mentoring a large group of Business Wire managers. He has consistently demonstrated a very creative approach to both sales and management and has built a very successful and loyal client base over the past 14 years.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “This promotion is a reflection of the outstanding job Lee has done for the past 10 years. His relationship with organizations like NIRI and PRSA has proven invaluable to Business Wire.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “We are extremely excited to be welcomed into the Berkshire Hathaway family. We are confident that the acquisition will provide myriad positive benefits for our employees, our clients and our affiliates and business partners worldwide. This is a win-win for all involved.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “Our association with Berkshire Hathaway has already generated considerable excitement in the marketplace. Beyond the obvious financial resources, Warren Buffett is recognized and respected worldwide for his business acumen. The response from our clients, business partners and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to making our new owner very proud.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “Michael's attraction to the edge, coupled with his high energy, passion and business sense, is a rare combination.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “This promotion is a reflection of the outstanding job Gregg has done managing an international sales force of almost one hundred people. He has played the lead role in opening Business Wire offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo and extending the Business Wire brand internationally.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “I'm extremely happy about it. It's a great fit for Business Wire and for Berkshire.”
 Cathy Tamraz - “This promotion is a reflection of the outstanding job Neil has done positioning Business Wire as truly the global leader in news distribution. He has built Business Wire's global distribution network to an unsurpassed level and has initiated myriad exclusive distribution agreements for the company throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.”