My Favorite Quotes
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 Karen Tandy - “More than corrupting the public trust, these Guatemalan police officials have been Trojan horses for the very addiction and devastation that they were entrusted to prevent.”
 Karen Tandy - “The Arellano Felix organization is now in ruins,”
 Karen Tandy - “E-traffickers are just a modern way of saying drug dealers,”
 Karen Tandy - “Make no mistake they're not just ordinary drug traffickers. To call them that would be something akin to calling Al Capone a tax cheat.”
 Karen Tandy - “The scientific and medical communities have determined that smoked marijuana is a health danger, not a cure, ... There is no medical evidence that smoking marijuana helps patients.”
 Karen Tandy - “The drug dealers that used to be in the back alley are now in the bedrooms of our children because they come to them through the Internet.”
 Karen Tandy - “The sting puts out of business cyber criminals who were selling powerful narcotics without legitimate prescriptions to anyone with a computer and cash, ... This operation makes more Americans aware that buying prescription drugs from these rogue Web sites is illegal and dangerous.”
 Karen Tandy - “We followed the money around the globe and into the hands of major Colombian drug traffickers, ... We've shown the black market peso exchange for what it is -- the largest known drug-money laundering mechanism in the Western Hemisphere.”