My Favorite Quotes
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 Einar Tangen - “Almost everything organic goes to the Twin Cities or the Chicago area. It used to be really frustrating to me to live in the largest city in this organic producing state and to have producers say they wouldn't come to Milwaukee.”
 Einar Tangen - “Buying an office condo is a built-in savings plan for a company.”
 Einar Tangen - “From the beginning, we quickly learned that when you're talking about a public market, it's like you're showing people a many-faceted diamond, and everybody sees a different slice of it, a different reflection of what it could be. For some people, it will be a place to promote organic produce. For others, it's a community-gathering place. Others see it as a small business incubator, and others see it as a way to provide farmers with an outlet to allow them to be sustainable. The fact is it's all of those things.”