My Favorite Quotes
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 Jake Tapper - “He didn't. You know, he said he was being provocative. He has a background in philosophy and the idea was merely to put out a construct to discuss and shoot down. He did not seem particularly apologetic. He said he was sorry if anybody was hurt, but he saw this as a way his enemies, his opponents were out to get him.”
 Jake Tapper - “We got there ... and the guy who had helped us arrange it was assassinated the very morning while we were there on the set. So no matter how hard we try to cover the positive, the violence has a way of rearing its head.”
 Jake Tapper - “But why immediately link blacks and crime. Bennett told me on the phone that race was on his mind because of recent stories in the media about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.”
 Jake Tapper - “Ultimate Christian Wrestling is like any other pro-wrestling bout you might see on a Saturday night in rural Georgia. Except the characters and story lines come to a dramatic climax at the end of the show straight out of the Book of Revelation At the end of this show, dozens of folks in the audience said they were called to accept Jesus into their hearts. It was quite a thing to behold.”
 Jake Tapper - “In light of accusations that the Bush administration was not as sensitive to victims of Hurricane Katrina because many of them were black, one Republican official tells ABC News that Bennett's comments were 'probably as poorly timed as they were politically incorrect.' Diane.”