My Favorite Quotes
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 David Taras - “The storm clouds had been building. Mr. Klein is a great reader of the political signs and he must have known in his heart it was time to go. He has a chance to go out on his own steam or be pushed out.”
 David Taras - “If George Bush can't get along with Stephen Harper, he can't get along with any world leader. They're ideological cousins, if not twins.”
 David Taras - “It's not enough to thumb your nose at the rest of the country (and) to say 'in 1980 it was like this,'”
 David Taras - “The judgement of the party is clear. He can go down in flames kicking and screaming or go down with dignity.”
 David Taras - “You have to have a niche, a place to play on the chess board. You needed to start running a year ago unless you're Preston.”