My Favorite Quotes
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 Kenneth Starr - “There is no excuse for perjury - never, never, never. There is truth, and the truth demands respect.”
 Heather Tarr - “We don't really have a starting lineup yet. But that's not a bad thing. We're deep. We're pretty strong one through 16.”
 Kevin Starr - “That's one of the issues we really haven't made a decision on.”
 Ken Starr - “A compassionate and decent society has to ensure that a death penalty regime is as error-free as humanly possible and as fair as humanly possible. The fact that evidence would be destroyed where additional testing could be done is extraordinary and, frankly, outrageous.”
 Frederick Starr - “The flavor and physical setting of the city's culture is locked up in the vernacular wooden houses of the 19th century, ... And I fear for them now. These are fragile buildings.”
 Ken Starr - “Unfortunately, we have seen already that a duly appointed career prosecutor, a career prosecutor, has already come under criticism and I think that's very unfortunate, ... Let's depoliticize it. Let's say that is now in the hands of very distinguished career prosecutor, Bob Ray.”
 Ken Starr - “Major decisions during the Lewinsky investigation have not been easy. And given the hurricane force winds swirling about us, we were well aware that no matter what decision we made, criticism would come from somewhere.”
 Sally Starr - “I have to give Northeastern a lot of credit. They played really well.”
 Kenneth Starr - “We prevailed in the court of appeals.”
 Ken Starr - “The office where I serve has achieved a superb record in courts ... We go to court and not on the talk show circuit. And our records show that there is a bright line between law and politics, between courts and polls. It leaves the polls to the politicians and the spin doctors. We are officers of the court who live in the world of law. We have presented our cases in court and, with very rare exception, we have won.”
 Bart Starr - “Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs you, that takes a lot of courage.”
 Edwin Starr - “Most artists come in and out of the country, they stay may be 2 weeks - or a month max and then they leave.”
 Kevin Starr - “Focused on the needs of the Third World, the Rainer Arnold Fellows Program teaches emerging leaders how to translate good ideas into lasting change that goes to scale. Green Array provides an easy- to-use, cost-effective way for us to plan, manage, execute and collaborate on our design projects. Online access to the most current information and status updates enables us to provide help and resources where they are needed the most.”
 Frederick Starr - “The United States doesn't want to control this region, but it doesn't want anyone else to, either.”
 Sally Starr - “We were able to control the game and make good decisions. The middle of our field needed to have a great game and they did.”
 Kenneth Starr - “In contrast to what most prosecutors do, we try to treat all individuals with complete fairness. We do not go out and hold press conferences and the like.”
 Arleen Starr - “The best contract is one where there's meeting in the middle. I think that's what this is.”
 Ken Starr - “seek judicial relief from these tactics, including contempt sanctions, as soon as practicable.”
 Sally Starr - “Our weakness right now is definitely inconsistency, ... They played very well against Michigan State, didn't play well against Louisville and I was pleased with the way they played against BC. They'll need to be much more consistent.”
 Jeff Starr - “We have some tough games to end the regular season, but that is something that I am trying to instill in this team. We need to be consistent every night, no matter who we play. W also need to understand the responsibility that comes with being a marked team.”
 Elaine Tarr - “He was always very rational, very emotionally in control, I think he had a conservative point of view.”
 Ken Starr - “In late 1997, we considered whether this evidence justified a referral to Congress, ... We drafted a report. But we concluded that it would be inconsistent with the statutory standard because of the difficulty of establishing the truth with a sufficient degree of confidence.”
 David Starr - “I don't like my truck right now. I had a difficult practice today. Dave McCarty and the guys are making adjustments to make it better. I'm sure we'll be fine for the race once we are finished tweaking some things. Just right now the truck is not doing what we need it to do. I have confidence McCarty can get the No. 75 Silverado where we need to be on race day.”
 Ken Starr - “According to Ms. Lewinsky, the president touched her breasts and genitalia, which means his conduct met the Jones definition of sexual relations even under his theory, ... On these matters, the evidence of the president's perjury cannot be presented without specific, explicit and possibly offensive descriptions of sexual encounters.”
 Ken Starr - “I have no recollection of that but I am happy to search my recollection ... I would have to search my recollection ... I cannot recall off the top of my head ... I would have to conduct an interview with my agents ... I would frankly have to search my recollections,”

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