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 Tomas Taterka - “The market was tracking stocks overseas all day long. As soon as U.S. stocks reversed gains, our stocks also lost ground.”
 Tomas Taterka - “It was a good turnaround.”
 Tomas Taterka - “We're following international markets and their worries about the oil price.”
 Tomas Taterka - “Things are jogging along quite well in Argentina.”
 Tomi Taterka - “Things are still very complicated and the market remains nervous and should stay that way for some time.”
 Tomi Taterka - “The market is nervous. Everybody was looking at Argentina and will continue to do so for some considerable time.”
 Tomi Taterka - “The market could see some profit taking, but it is showing a certain consistency. It is staying above water and volume is rising.”
 Tomas Taterka - “The market's been really weak on what was a very bad day in terms of volume. That meant we accompanied international markets that were also very weak.”
 Tomi Taterka - “There's not much to say, volume is low, and the market is weak.”
 Tomi Taterka - “The world is being turned on its head. Everybody is nervous.”
 Tomas Taterka - “The market was waiting for this and the rise in rates is not a surprise. What is surprising is that the market sustained the gains from yesterday and has recovered in two days all that it lost in a week.”
 Tomi Taterka - “People are talking about another problem in Argentina.”
 Tomas Taterka - “It was just another bad day for the market, with zero flows from abroad and low flows here. People are worried there is more room for profit-taking, but there is so far no big change in the general sentiment.”
 Tomas Taterka - “The market was dead today. Many people were not around because of the end of the month.”
 Tomi Taterka - “The climate is still very nervous and any bad news could knock the market lower. There's still no interest in the market.”
 Tomas Taterka - “The market was totally undefined, waiting for some kind of news, but it was a dead news day.”
 Tomi Taterka - “We're seeing some foreign money and bit more volume.”
 Tomas Taterka - “I'd say the majority of shareholders, maybe 95 percent, will sell back.”
 Tomas Taterka - “Without a doubt the volatility will remain but there isn't much chance of too much movement up or down so it's likely to trade sideways next week.”
 Tomas Taterka - “We saw an improvement basically in telecommunications shares, which do not depend so much on energy.”
 Tomas Taterka - “Even with the denial of immediate plans, there are expectations of stock buyout in the medium term. If they completely rule this out, however, the stock will quickly fall.”
 Tomi Taterka - “The market's weak without much attraction. We didn't get the news about the debt swap that everybody was waiting for.”
 Tomi Taterka - “When you think in dollar terms, there are plenty of cheap assets out there to be bought, and that's exactly what's happening.”
 Tomi Taterka - “There's uncertainty over Argentina, here with (politics) and the Central Bank meeting. Plus all international markets are negative. There are more than enough reasons to fall.”
 Tomas Taterka - “Argentina is the focus today. The approval of the budget leaves open the way for the IMF loan.”