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 Mark Tauscher - “It gives us some hope,”
 Ellen Tauscher - “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “Hurricane Katrina, coupled with Hurricane Rita, which came promptly on Katrina's heels, claimed more than 1,200 American lives. Together, they caused more than 200 billion in damage.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “Getting our military back on stable footing won't happen overnight. We must start this process now, since future engagements are likely and allies are scarce.”
 Mark Tauscher - “When this idea came up, I thought it was a ploy from my mom.”
 Mark Tauscher - “And after the game, 'Whit' says, 'Why didn't you change that call' And I thought, 'Man, this kid is on top of it,' ... That showed me something.”
 Mark Tauscher - “You could tell the times we were having success, all that movement stuff (in the passing game) was working a lot better. For us to be efficient, we have to have that running game working.”
 Mark Tauscher - “I think 'Beck' coached the same way this year. One thing about 'Beck', you know he's a little bit crazy from time to time and there are some times when you have to kind of tune him out. But he knows what he's doing. His schemes have been copied all around the league. He's done a great job putting us in position to win. There's no question he's a good football coach.”
 Mark Tauscher - “We've had some success against Tampa Bay running the ball the last two times we played them. We know their scheme, we know what they do. It comes down to us up front, we have to improve on what we're doing.”
 Mark Tauscher - “When we're in a rhythm, we're very effective. But we were very out of sync today.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “However, in pursuing free trade, we must also consider the impact and direct effects the agreements will have on workers - both here and abroad.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “My heart goes out to victims and survivors of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and to their families. This disaster will go down in history books as one of the largest natural disasters in U.S. history.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “a safety net is just not there for people who are without a job or without skills in an increasingly difficult environment.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “The President today once again took the opportunity to reiterate his old, failed national security strategies and present them to the American people as new, dynamic ideas intended to better protect the American people.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “As co-chair of the Iraqi Women's Caucus in the House, I've enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with and hear from Iraqi women elected to serve in the new National Assembly.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “The United States and the other original nuclear weapons states have all agreed to a voluntary moratorium on fissile material production.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “Preemption is the right of any nation in order to preserve its National Security however, preemptive war is a tactic, not a strategy. When used as a strategy preemption dilutes diplomacy, creates an atmosphere of distrust, and promotes regional instability.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “Today's tax cuts provide yet another illustration of the Republicans' fiscally irresponsible economic policies that ignore the needs of America's middle class, students, and working families.”
 Mark Tauscher - “In the six years that I've been here, just from an emotional point of view, this is probably the most difficult loss I've dealt with,”
 Mark Tauscher - “In the six years that I've been here, just from an emotional point-of-view, this is probably the most difficult loss I've dealt with,”
 Mark Tauscher - “We can't play like that again or we're going to get him killed. We got what we deserved today, and Brett got hit a lot.”
 Mark Tauscher - “You still realize you're 1-4 (and) you're not anywhere close to where you need to be. You also have to look at the big picture. That's the good thing about this team - nobody's overconfident, thinking we're world-beaters. But now, we're also not thinking that we're the scum of the earth and we can't beat anybody.”
 Mark Tauscher - “The thing I've noticed is that he's just even-keeled, ... To be a good offensive lineman in this league, you have to be that way. His personality is low key, but he's very confident.”
 Mark Tauscher - “There's been so much change in what we're doing here there hasn't been much time to think about it. I don't know what it's been like for everyone, but it's not like we've been sitting around waiting for Brett to make a decision. In some respect, everyone feels better now that he's coming back. If he retired, it wouldn't have come as a huge shock. Everybody is pretty excited he's coming back.”
 Ellen Tauscher - “These funds will help them continue to meet the needs of America's returning vets. I applaud their work and know that this facility is among the most deserving we have in the country,”

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