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 Tony Tavares - “This partnership will best serve the loyal fans in Washington, Maryland and Virginia. We are excited that all of our fans will be able to tune into our games from March until the season's last pitch.”
 John Tavares - “Either or is going to be incredible and I hope to be there.”
 Tony Tavares - “It's a look you often see in D.C. It feels like being cured after having a long illness. The good thing is we're healthy again. I anticipate this being a pitcher's park.”
 John Tavares - “My first learning curve was right here in this game, ... My first three games, I thought I played excellent. I'm going to have to get over this one and look forward to the next games coming up.”
 Tony Tavares - “The key issue for the new owner is acting with some certainty on some issues. He'll be able to act in a more decisive way than I can. It's time for people to get some certainty. I'm looking forward to it. I know most of my staff are looking forward to it.”
 John Tavares - “We're trying to bid for the Memorial Cup when it comes back to the OHL and we're getting a new arena, ... It will be a long time, but I think it will be a great experience too.”
 Bill Tavares - “It's a pretty exciting time going into these games. We were strong in 2002 and we're just as strong -- or stronger -- now.”
 John Tavares - “I've been able to handle the pace, ... I've got four goals in four games so I feel pretty good. Obviously today wasn't a great day, but hopefully I can come back next week and have a good one.”
 Bill Tavares - “If you saw these ladies in front of me, you would understand they're not petite. That's not in a bad way. These girls are strong girls. They're not gymnast size. They're 5-8, 5-9, 170 pounds and all muscle, strength and speed. I'll put these girls against anybody in terms of strength and speed.”
 Tony Tavares - “If we don't start moving, we're going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel, ... You lose people every now and then if you wait.”
 Tony Tavares - “Jim is one of the hardest working general managers in the game and I have every confidence that he will improve our team this off-season while continuing to build a solid foundation that will yield a perennial winning franchise worthy of the great city of Washington.”
 Tony Tavares - “I can't hold anybody back, ... We've told our coaches, our manager, our GM that if there's a job that is available to you and you want to interview for it, you should. It would be inappropriate of me to be denying permission for teams to speak with our people.”
 Bill Tavares - “We saw something special the first time I got in the sled with her and she took it from there. She's an incredible driver and the scary part is, she has a long future. She has a lot to learn. She's not halfway through her potential. In my opinion, she could start ruling this whole circuit.”
 Tony Tavares - “If I get into that game, everybody's going to have a different opinion,”
 Tony Tavares - “You want to be selling good news. With this whole hullabaloo about the stadium and the uncertainly about the stadium, it provides a challenge. There's a pall over the franchise.”
 Tony Tavares - “I think that any new owner coming in here is crazy to try and change a general manager in the middle of a season. To be disappointed this quick, there would clearly be something wrong with the new owner.”
 Tony Tavares - “He just hasn't been a big trader. He believes more in development. He doesn't make deals unless he is satisfied that he will at least break even.”
 Tony Tavares - “We've got to get the accounting department here. We've had too many problems with getting bills paid, bills getting paid late, and what got lost in the mail between Montreal and here.”
 Tony Tavares - “I think he's done a good job, ... He's got a vision. He's got a plan, and he sticks with his plan. I think for all those reasons, and the fact that he's a very hard-working guy -- I'd stack him up with anybody in that GM's capacity -- he deserved this.”
 Bill Tavares - “You can't totally avoid drama, not with these women. If you can figure out how, let me know.”
 Tony Tavares - “The Commissioner said that anyone who is saying he received a communication from him, indicating that someone has been selected is not telling the truth. He is baffled by where something like this might come from because he has not made a decision.”
 Tony Tavares - “We're trying to be patient, ... But unless we start getting a sign real soon that a decision on an owner is imminent, I think you got to start moving on.”
 Tony Tavares - “I'm motivated and he's motivated to get a deal done. We'll see. He would love to get a deal done before Opening Day, but I can't promise that is going to happen. I promised him one thing I will not distract him with contract negotiations. I do think there's a way of continuing on after the season has started without distractions.”
 Tony Tavares - “We are so close in getting a new owner, my gut sense is, we have to wait on that a little bit. As I told you guys before, I have to work within certain limitations. There's nothing I can do about that. The new owner can write his own script. We have told Jose this. The owner doesn't have to fully take over, but we would like that person to talk to him about the contract.”
 John Tavares - “Any player in the NHL would be a great comparison, but when you name a guy like Sidney Crosby . . . but I don't know if I'll be able to do things he's done in the league because we're different types of players,”

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