My Favorite Quotes
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 Serge Tchuruk - “Expanding operating profitability in the future will continue to remain a priority focus,”
 Serge Tchuruk - “Alcatel is making a major move to become a worldwide leader in new-generation networks, which will handle the explosive growth of data with the appropriate quality of service,”
 Serge Tchuruk - “In the midst of a severe telecom industry re-set that is leaving no participant unscathed, Alcatel has thus far been able to maintain revenue growth and deliver positive income from operations,”
 Serge Tchuruk - “We expect that our top-line growth will be around 30 percent for the telecom segments, as opposed to mid-teens as was conveyed at the beginning of the year, ... We also believe that for the year 2000, we should meet our recurring target to grow Alcatel's operating income twice as fast as sales.”
 Serge Tchuruk - “We have some very positive points at Alcatel, such as in fast Internet access and optical gear, ... I keep hearing that the European market is going to slow down in telecom and the like and, frankly, I don't believe it.”
 Serge Tchuruk - “Now seems to be the optimal time because this combination gives both companies a time-to-market advantage in a market that is changing quickly.”
 Serge Tchuruk - “Five years ago, we went a very long way to get this done and discussion broke in the last minutes.”
 Serge Tchuruk - “The telecommunications carriers are going to use every trick, every gimmick, to delay investment,”
 Serge Tchuruk - “In the last few days, I have had discussions with the French public authorities. They told me 'It's your business and that of your administrative board'. I did not feel any reticence. Quite the contrary.”
 Serge Tchuruk - “In uncertain markets, Alcatel's success will hinge on operating flexibility... considerable streamlining is underway at Alcatel to improve flexibility and realign its internal cost structure to the current business slowdown,”
 Serge Tchuruk - “We continue to benefit from our leading position in the triple play services that are transforming carrier networks across the world.”