My Favorite Quotes
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 Jenny Teater - “The girls showed a lot of heart at the end to get the win. We had to battle one trip down the floor at a time and win the small battles, but in the end our senior leadership helped us pull out the win.”
 Jenny Teater - “Any night in this district, anybody can beat any other team. We are that balanced. One team is good one night, another team is good the next night.”
 Jenny Teater - “A win is a win, but the game sure was ugly. Good grief, we hit just six of 37 shots. Neither team could get into the flow of their offense because of turnovers and fouls. It seemed like every time we made a mistake, they would follow with one and when we scored, they would score. It was that type of game all night.”
 Jenny Teater - “Our intensity was much better than it had been in some recent game, but their intensity was better. It was just not our night. We were not willing to make the extra pass. We wanted to get everything off the first pass and that's what Lincoln wanted. Then we didn't shoot very well, either.”
 Jenny Teater - “When we tried to make a run, Pitts or Jones always stepped up.”