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 Ted Schadler - “They know the strength of their differentiation. They're not about to give that up because some guys want to run OS X on other machines.”
 Ted Schadler - “If you're a virus writer, there's no glory in attacking Linux on the desktop.”
 Ted Schadler - “The software industry once had the keys to the kingdom. But buyers are becoming more sophisticated. The software industry should share in the risk instead of running and gunning.”
 Ted Schadler - “Microsoft has changed the way information is stored, so that any application can use WinFS. It essentially turns the hard drive into a database. That makes it much easier to find and back up data.”
 Ted Schadler - “High-definition plus today's DVD equals good enough, ... It has been and continues to be so ugly that consumers are going to stay away.”
 Ted Schadler - “This organization is a simple one because the alignment here of all the product groups save one is around markets around people who write checks, the buyers,”
 Ted Schadler - “The digital-music-player war is heating up.”
 Ted Schadler - “It's all very complicated, which is just crazy. Unless you're a music lover, maybe you don't bother with it. It's hard to find your way around.”
 Ted Schadler - “While a high-definition video format does bring benefits over today's standard-definition discs, in movies as in music consumers are moving beyond shiny discs.”
 Ted Schadler - “The irony of this format war is that it comes at the tail end of the century-long era of physical media.”
 Ted Schadler - “This is the first time that media companies and media executives are part of the show.”
 Ted Schadler - “Every consumer technology company manufacturers, service providers, installers, and retailers has a role to play in delivering end-to-end digital experiences. Product-service bundles, global media and technology standards, and non-profit certification groups that implement and test standards are all critical to bringing digital experiences to life for all consumers.”
 Ted Schadler - “To really boost legal music download services, the RIAA has to understand how to master the channel.”
 Ted Schadler - “They have to be really careful how they open the access to make it more valuable,”
 Ted Schadler - “The idea that there are consumers who don't need a PC for e-mail, but they do need a PC for entertainment is real. People are doing that. Those applications run well on media center PCs.”
 Ted Schadler - “Apple has accomplished this in music because it designs end-to-end and because they entered the market with a digital rights management-protected product (read iPod) when no one else did. But it was a one-off, not to be repeated in television, personal video, mobile communications or photography.”
 Ted Schadler - “Music labels would much rather have variable price, so they can charge more for hits and perhaps less for older tracks. Apple likes the 0.99 price because it is simple, uniform, not too high to discourage buyers, and very easy to administer and merchandise.”
 Ted Schadler - “There is a big debate in the industry on centralized vs. different boxes around the house. I fall on the side of a lot of different boxes.”
 Ted Schadler - “When operating systems began integrating features that were in other systems, they were well on the road to becoming undifferentiated from each other. With widgets, they see an opportunity to win users by being unique in how free content is pulled into the system.”
 Ted Schadler - “There's been a kind of disconnect between content creators and distributors and technology in the past. It would be advantageous for film and TV producers to bring digital content to consumers rather than hold back because of piracy concerns.”
 Ted Schadler - “Apple is fairly consistent in terms of its cycle of early adopters followed by other loyal Mac users.”
 Ted Schadler - “Apple will keep doing what it's doing, and most likely that means they hope Windows users will make the switch on their own. But they're not going to tear down what they've built to try to conquer the OS world.”
 Ted Schadler - “The cost of computers is still a problem along with access to Internet service, ... If you don't see marketing efforts toward your group and someone to set up the computer and internet service, you are less likely to have it.”
 Ted Schadler - “Apple is a hardware company - they build software to sell the hardware. The question really is, Why not support the installation of Windows on their computers”
 Ted Schadler - “See a problem find a solution then tell the company that this is the way it's going to be -- get on board or else.”

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