My Favorite Quotes
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 Valecia Tedder - “She was their one shooter and we knew that, but just didn't do a good job of keeping an eye on her and defending the screen. I finally put our two best defenders on her in the second half, and they held her to just one the rest of the way.”
 Valecia Tedder - “We had too many turnovers at the end. But hopefully we will learn from this and move on.”
 Valecia Tedder - “We only have eight players right now. Renee and Katie put up huge numbers for us today.”
 Valecia Tedder - “Danielle and Brittany stepped up today and decided that we were not going home. I told the squad after the game that when Upstate made their second-half run, we showed a maturity that we did not have last season. We had the poise to hold things together, and then Katherine hit those two huge threes.”
 Valecia Tedder - “She has been the most consistent player we have and a great team player for four years. She has worked harder and harder each year she has been here.”