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 Jeff Tedford - “He's not a guy who lays back and gets juked by people. He's very aggressive going to the ball and he runs through people. He's a physical guy who can run he covers the field. He's a pretty gifted guy.”
 Jeff Tedford - “I obviously haven't done enough of the coaching or preparation you need to do, so we're not going to give up on him as a kid or a player. You can work on a lot of things in practice, but how do you simulate a game That's where Joe is facing his biggest struggles.”
 Jeff Tedford - “After watching the tape, I thought he made the right reads. He made good decisions. He was just a little bit off on some of his throws and it mounted on him,”
 Jeff Tedford - “After the first week he matured big time. More than just physical things, the mental part of the game and the leadership he provides in the huddle has improved dramatically.”
 Jeff Tedford - “You can only practice so much. Now it's time to get in the game.”
 Jeff Tedford - “It's definitely a question mark about our season, ... Aaron was a pretty special guy. He did so much in such a short period of time. Now we'll be going with guys who have never taken a snap at this level.”
 Jeff Tedford - “This is the first time he has been healthy. But I'm not surprised how he has played. He is a big, physical receiver who is productive.”
 Jeff Tedford - “He didn't play to his potential, by any means, but that doesn't mean he can't play, ... Everybody has a day like that from time to time, and he had it right out of the gate. He's our quarterback, and he'll be ready this week.”
 Jeff Tedford - “We've learned a lot this year. Any time you can win a bowl game it really gives you some momentum.”
 Jeff Tedford - “Every time I look at that, it kind of leaves a knot in my stomach. It was an unbelievable football game and we had a chance to win, but didn't get it done. So we have to go back to the drawing board and see if we can do it this year.”
 Jeff Tedford - “We have to be patient. Joe's young and there are going to be some times where he need to learn a bit.”
 Jeff Tedford - “At certain times, he's got to put his pads down and get us one or two yards. Not everything can pop outside for a touchdown. That's a fine line though, when you have a back that's special.”
 Jeff Tedford - “We let Maurice Drew get loose too many times,”
 Jeff Tedford - “I get the sense they understand, ... I've been very pleased with our mind-set. Our guys have been focused for every game. It hasn't really wavered at all. That's not us, I don't believe. We don't ever really talk about rankings. There are enough veterans on this team to understand that it doesn't really mean anything.”
 Jeff Tedford - “vision of Cal being one of the premier dominating schools (in football). The academics here are high quality, and with coach Tedford, we're like a family.”
 Jeff Tedford - “He was making the right reads, and he had a couple of dropped balls, and another one there was miscommunication with the receiver, so it wasn't all him, ... He put some pressure on himself. Now being the starter will be better for him. He doesn't have to wait his turn. He can go in the game and get the jitters out of the way early.”
 Jeff Tedford - “I don't think you can stop them. You just really hope to slow them down a little bit, ... ... When you get a group together that has played together like these guys have, it's unbelievable to watch.”
 Jeff Tedford - “It probably sounds worse than it is.”
 Jeff Tedford - “People have said he was injured (that night). It's unclear what type of injury. It was a scratch on his wrist, a little bitty scratch, it wasn't even bleeding ... None of our players have been implicated in any wrongdoing.”
 Jeff Tedford - “People have said he was injured (that night). It's unclear what type of injury, ... It was a scratch on his wrist, a little bitty scratch, it wasn't even bleeding ... None of our players have been implicated in any wrongdoing.”
 Jeff Tedford - “We talked all week, especially last night and this morning, about believing and staying together as a team. I was very proud there was never any quit.”
 Jeff Tedford - “He matured big-time after the first week. He used to be kind of a happy-go-lucky guy. Every now and then you would turn and see him goofing off with guys. You don't see that anymore. There is a whole different maturity with him now as far as focus.”
 Jeff Tedford - “The maturity, not only physical, but mental and emotional, he gained over the last six or eight months has been awesome.”
 Jeff Tedford - “There were a lot of plays to be made and we didn't make them.”
 Jeff Tedford - “We practiced very well for that game, but I wasn't aware of the hangover from the BCS thing until the night before the game. This year, we've told everybody that the game on Thursday is the only thing that matters. That's where you get a chance to make a stand.”

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